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I invite you to embark on your journey to a successful career with Hang Seng.

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Management Trainee Programme
Management Trainee Programme

Welcome to our Hang Seng Bank Management Trainee Programme career page. Joining our Management Trainee Programme will offer you a well-rounded development experience and exposures to our banking business for your personal and professional growth.


You will find useful information to help you understand the qualities we are looking for in our Hang Seng Management Trainees and career prospects we offer as the Best Bank – Domestic (Hong Kong) rated by The Asset since 2000 in serving our local community, at the same time being recognized as one of the World’s Top 100 most sustainable companies.


Our Management Trainees over the years have become an integral part of our talent pipeline for key roles in the Bank. We share the stories of our existing Management Trainees on our career page. I invite you to embark on your own journey to a successful career with Hang Seng.

Louisa Cheang

Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive

Hang Seng Bank Limited

Programme structure


Hang Seng’s three-year Management Trainee Programme is offered in seven business / function streams: Commercial Banking, Financial Control, Global Banking and Markets, Insurance, Operations, Services and Technology, Wealth and Personal Banking and Strategic Planning and Corporate Development. The Programme prepares recent graduates to take up executive-level positions by providing the skills and professional development needed for a high-flying banking career. To find out more about each business / function stream, please check out our business section. To learn more about the programme and submit application, please click the relevant link(s) below.


What to Expect


It takes around one year to rotate around the frontline, middle-office and back-office departments of Commercial Banking (CMB). This experience will give you the necessary grounding and knowledge to take up a 24-month placement in your second and third year of the Management Trainee Programme.


In addition, familiarisation sessions and exposure to related departments and functions will provide you with a valuable understanding of cross-function operations.


During your three-year programme, you will have an attachment in Hang Seng China to gain exposure to the China business and market.

Job Attachment

12 months


24 months

Job Attachment


CMB Chief Operating Officer’s Office

  • Understand the operational flow between Chief Operating Officer’s Office (COO Office) and other departments within CMB.
  • Acquire a basic understanding of CMB business model, products, strategies and policies.


Corporate Wealth and Sales Management

  • Learn how to provide professional advice to corporate customers on cash management, treasury, insurance and investment products – all areas of expertise that are crucial to success in the competitive CMB segment.


Global Trade and Receivable Finance

  • Acquire an overview on Global Trade and Receivable Finance products and daily activities, which are critical in providing quality lending services to customers.


Global Liquidity and Cash Management

  • Understand the product development of Global Liquidity and Cash
  • Management and its commercialization of product cycle.


Relationship Management

  • Gain valuable connections and experience through managing a portfolio of commercial customers.
  • Deepen your knowledge of various industries and hone your financial analysis skills.

What to Expect


The Financial Control Division operates like a bank inside the Bank. All of the Bank’s strategic initiatives, tactical plans and business decisions has to flow through the financial system – a system for which we are the key driver. We work closely with the Bank’s stakeholders, including business partners, shareholders, regulators and external examiners. We function as accountants and business partners in providing comprehensive information on financial management, capital management, financial planning, financial and compliance reporting, insurance finance, finance policy and control, tax and Global Markets finance.


In your first two years as a Financial Control Management Trainee, you will be given attachments to various key project initiatives. You will contribute to the development of Financial Control functions to ensure the successful implementation of new Bank initiatives and new regulatory requirements. This experience will give you the necessary grounding and knowledge to take up a 12-month placement within the Division.


In addition, after three years’ practical experience with us as a Financial Control Management Trainee you may also be accorded a professional qualification in accountancy.

Job Attachment

24 months


12 months

Job Attachment


Business Performance and Management Information

  • Build a good understanding of management accounting concepts and the Bank’s financial management information functions, which provide accurate, timely information to facilitate senior management in formulating business strategies and managing business growth.
  • Learn valuable business analysis skills that will allow you to critically
  • evaluate business performance and costs
  • Learn the keys to managing balance sheet risks and allocating resources, and participate in budgetary preparation and control.


Financial Reporting

  • Gain solid expertise in meeting the requirements of regulators, such as the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, with respect to a large bank’s financial information, and in the implementation of new accounting policies and practices based on newly enacted or amended statutory requirements.
  • Participate in the preparation of the Bank’s financial reports and build up your financial accounting knowledge in the banking industry.


Asset Liability and Capital Management

  • Assist in preparing materials for the Bank’s Asset and Liability

Committee and take part in the preparation of risk-weighted asset calculations for capital reporting and planning.


Insurance Business Finance

  • Participate in various insurance financial closing activities such as discussions with the Actuary Department on the financial results, life insurance investment accounting and reporting, actuarial reserve reviews and solvency margin calculations.
  • Gain an understanding of the insurance regulatory framework and various insurance products.


Global Markets Finance

  • Take part in the preparation of management reports for the Bank’s treasury and investment business.
  • Assess the impact on profits and losses from the introduction of new products or treasury accounting standards.

What to Expect


The Global Banking and Markets (GBM) Management Trainee Programme will take you around 16 months to attach in various GBM businesses and related functional departments. This experience will give you the necessary grounding and knowledge to take up the subsequent 20-month placement in either Global Banking (GB) or Global Markets (GM) division. Besides departmental attachment and placement, you will also participate in short-term familiarisation sessions and visit to GBM-related businesses and functions, to give you a better understanding of various businesses and functions operations.

Job Attachment

16 months


20 months

Job Attachment


Global Banking Relationship Management

  • Gain experience to provide a broad spectrum of financing solutions to large corporations and financial institutions.
  • Exposure to a comprehensive range of products and services including bilateral and syndication loans, project financing, property development financing, property investment loans, working capital financing, trade financing, cash management and treasury products.
  • Learn from experienced and knowledgeable professionals to understand the specific requirements of our customers and to provide tailor-made financial packages in their best interests.


Global Trade and Receivable Finance

  • Acquire an overview on Global Trade and Receivable Finance products and daily activities, which are critical in providing quality lending services to customers.


Global Liquidity and Cash Management

  • Understand the product development of Global Liquidity and Cash Management and its commercialization of product cycle.


Global Banking Chief Operating Office (GB COO)

  • Understand the operational flow between GB COO and other departments within GB.
  • Acquire a basic understanding of GB business model, products, strategies and policies.


Treasury Solution

  • Collaborate with various internal stakeholders such as Relationship

Managers, Branches and other internal departments to identify customers’ hedging needs and provide appropriate treasury products and solutions.


Global Markets Chief Operating Office (GM COO)

  • Gain knowledge on relevant regulation, governance and control that are applicable to the GM business.
  • Gain valuable project management skills by handling business and regulatory related projects assigned.


Regulatory Compliance

  • Understand how Regulatory Compliance provides proactive assistance in identifying, assessing and containing Compliance Risk; fostering a compliance culture; optimising relations with regulators; and preserving the Bank’s reputation in the marketplace by ensuring that our policies comply with the spirit and letter of the laws and regulations wherever we do business.


Financial Crime Compliance

  • Understand how Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) supports anti-money laundering investigation, formulates policies and framework on sanctions and anti-bribery and corruption issues.
  • Acquire a basic understanding on the Group’s anti-money laundering policies and regulatory requirements.


Wholesale Credit and Market Risk

  • Understand the approvals, policies, portfolio management and recovery of the Bank’s wholesale credit and market risk exposures.

What to Expect


Insurance is a fast-growing business and is one of the key revenue drivers of Hang Seng Bank. We have our wholly-owned subsidiary, Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited, to develop a full spectrum of insurance products from Life Insurance manufacturing to distribution of General Insurance and Medical products. The program is suitable for high-caliber candidates who have passion to develop your career in Insurance / Bancassurance industry.


The 36-month Insurance Management Trainee Programme will expose you to our

Insurance businesses ranging from product development, sales management, servicing propositions, actuary to investment functions, etc. We offer 2 streams in Insurance MT program, i.e. Actuarial stream and General stream. For Actuarial stream, you will have various attachments in different actuarial functions including Experience Study, Product Pricing, Economic Capital, Financial Reporting and Asset Liability Management. For Generalist stream, the first 24 months will be attached to different core insurance business departments, e.g. Underwriting & Claims, product development of Life, GI, Medical and MPF products, distribution to retail and commercial customers as well as other special projects, followed by 12-month placement based on your career interest and business need.

Job Attachment (Actuarial Stream)

36 months

Job Attachment (Generalist Stream)

24 months


12 months

Job Attachment


Life Insurance

  • Take part in supporting the business growth and Life product development, with roles in implementing new product launch initiatives, product feature design and sales performance.
  • Have opportunity to involve in digital development as the up-and-coming trend for insurance industry.


General Insurance, Medical Insurance & MPF

  • Participate in strategic management for General Insurance, Medical Insurance and MPF and collaboration with our strategic partners QBE and Bupa.
  • Exposure to matching sales target and negotiated terms with our partners, as well as developing marketing and sales strategies focusing on your business lines along with sales channel analysis.


Insurance Actuarial, Risk Management and Investment

  • Acquire expertise through active engagement in multiple insurance actuarial and risk management tasks, such as Asset Liability Management addressing market risk, valuation of insurance business, and product development including experience studies amongst other quantitative analysis.
  • Work with our Investment team on managing the insurance premium assets.


Channel Management & Servicing Proposition

  • Have the opportunity to work with different stakeholders to develop and implement multi-channel (e.g. branch network, commercial and corporate channel, digital and phone banking) strategies to meet customer demands.
  • Involve in underwriting, claims and policy servicing propositions that improve client service quality.

What to Expect


The three-year structured Management Trainee track with Operations, Services and Technology (HOST) will expose you to the key functions of Business Services, Corporate Real Estate, Information Technology, Risk and Administration, Special Project and Transformation.


Your first 30 months will include initial orientation, class-room training, familiarisation and attachments in core HOST functions as well as other business functions. HOST MT will also have 2-month China attachment. After the rotational program, you will have a 6-month placement in a designated HOST function to gain an in-depth knowledge of specific systems and processes that underpin the running of a successful bank

Job Attachment

30 months


6 months

Job Attachment


Business Services

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of our business, products and operations, including Banking Operations, Cards and Loans Operations, Global Markets Operations, Financial Crime Compliance Operations, Asset Management Services, Credit Services, Mortgage Services, Wealth Services, Payment Services, Supplied Services, Re-engineering and Production Management.


Corporate Real Estate

  • Acquire professional knowledge in relation to property markets, building and construction, property-related regulations.
  • Learn the general management skills such as business analysis, stakeholder management and communication / negotiation skills.


HOST Risk and Administration Office

  • Acquire a solid understanding of the operational and procurement needs of various departments.
  • Learn how to develop comprehensive solutions to help internal units and individuals operate more efficiently and effectively.


Information Technology

  • Learn the latest IT applications for the banking industry as well as the importance of IT in enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of the Bank.
  • Gain knowledge of the Bank’s IT infrastructure and supporting services, which are both fundamental components of the Bank’s daily business operations.


Special Project

  • Gain experience in providing support to the Financial Crime Risk Management programme and data quality management initiatives to promote the Bank’s sustainable Financial Crime Risk management capability.



  • Develop your programme and project management skills in areas such as consulting, business analysis, process design and engineering, communication, stakeholder management, resource management and change management.
  • Through participating in or leading projects, you will learn more about various business / function strategies and priorities, and how to achieve successful delivery of change programmes or projects that help to grow the Bank’s business and/or enhance organisational effectiveness.

What to Expect


The 36-month Management Trainee Programme provides you with comprehensive exposure to our Wealth and Personal Banking business focusing on frontline, middle-office and back-office operations.


In your first 15-month rotation, you will complete a series of attachments in product development, channel innovation, sales & marketing planning, as well as risk and compliance. You will then have the opportunity to put the knowledge and skills you have acquired into practice in the 6-month branch attachment as part of learning more about how to meet the needs of customers and the core processes of branch operations.


Your final-year placement will have you working as part of a team that is focused on business management, strategic projects or other initiatives that are supporting change and innovation across different areas of our Wealth and Personal Banking business.

Job Attachment

15 months in products and channels

6 months in branch


15 months

Job Attachment



  • Assist in developing different types of investment products and formulating business promotion programmes to meet the needs of our different customer segments.
  • Help manage investment portfolios to enhance investment performance for our customers



  • Develop new insurance products and distribution channels to meet the changing needs of customers in a dynamic environment.


Product Development

  • Acquire expertise on the product development lifecycle for a variety of retail banking products in areas such as secured lending (e.g. mortgages) and unsecured lending (e.g. credit cards and personal loans).


Channel Management

  • Have the opportunity to work with different stakeholders to develop and implement multi-channel (e.g. branch network, phone banking and mobile banking) strategies that improve client services, meet new client demands and optimise channel distribution costs.


Digital Banking

  • Participate in transforming the digital platforms for the best of user experience and market practice powered by latest technology and digital analytics; generating value that positions Digital as an increasing driver of WPB’s revenue, cost and business improvement.


WPB Chief Operation Office (WPB COO)

  • Oversee and monitor WPB overall business performance and strategic business initiatives implementation.
  • Implement various control framework including credit control, business risk management, customer due diligence and financial crime risk management programmes.
  • Equip with skills and mindset for project and process management.


Private Banking

  • Gain valuable experience in building close relationships, providing professional advice and premium service to our high-net worth customers.


Branch Network

  • Gain customer handling experience through connecting with a diverse range of retail customers in one of our branches.
  • Learn about what goes into creating a great customer experience and how our products and service propositions serve and support our customers.


Customer Value Management

  • Develop a good understanding of different customer segments and how to identify and analyse market intelligence that will help sharpen your business judgment skills.
  • Learn how to develop customer analytics for retail banking customers and customer-centric solutions that will drive an enhanced customer experience.

What to Expect


Strategic Planning and Corporate Development Department (PNG) functions as the central planning and strategy development group of the Bank and addresses topics at the top of senior management’s agendas. This role will provide the opportunity to work on different bank level strategic initiatives across all businesses and functions of the Bank, covering bank strategy development, business strategic study, corporate development and executive office support.


In your three years as PNG Management Trainee, you will support the team and after completing the programme with PNG, you will be ready to join our team of business strategists and provide trusted advices to different businesses and functions on their strategic development.

Job Attachment

36 months (project based)

Job Attachment


Bank strategy development

  • Help formulate the Bank’s medium term strategies.
  • Support execution, coordination, tracking and evaluation according to the Bank’s strategic planning framework.
  • Take lead on the articulation and mobilisation to achieve strategic priorities.


Business strategic study

  • Lead or support strategic business studies that are cross-businesses, functions and/or geographies in nature, derive actionable insights and make appropriate recommendations to the Bank’s senior management.


Corporate development

  • Take part in the execution of acquisitions and disposals (A&D) projects.
  • Support governance of the Bank’s corporate investments.
  • Exploit synergies in accordance to the Bank’s strategic priorities.


Executive office support

  • Support key activities of executive office including but not limited to presentation materials for external and internal meetings.
  • Relationship management with key external and industry bodies and monitoring of business results.
  • Advocate and facilitate cross-business collaborations.


Other business attachment

You will have the opportunities to attach to other businesses and functions in the Bank to gain a holistic exposure to Hang Seng’s bank-wide operations. Such attachments may include:


  • Wealth and Personal Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Global Banking
  • Financial Control
  • Hang Seng Bank (China) Limited and other subsidiaries
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