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Earning recognition as an ESG leader from the community, investors and government bodies

ESG Bite-size Learning Series

ESG Bite-size Learning Series

We have developed a series of bite-sized videos on what ESG means, their importance to the planet and to business as well as our own efforts.

Ch1. What does ESG mean?

The video gives an introduction to ESG and explains why ESG is getting more important.

Ch2. E in ESG

The video explains the environmental criteria of ESG and how greenhouse gas emissions are categorised into three scopes.

Ch3. S in ESG

While donations are an important way to support community causes, the video introduces other ways to embrace the social aspect of ESG such as improving the accessibility of products and services.

Ch4. G in ESG

The video highlights different ways to improve governance in a company such as having an independent whistle-blowing mechanism and emphasizes the importance of effective governance, especially during challenging times.

ESG quarterly newsletter

To raise staff members’ awareness on environmental protection in our daily operations, we distributed the ESG Quarterly newsletter featuring green facts internally via email.

ESG stories

We have invited staff members from various departments to share their stories about driving ESG within and outside our bank.

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