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Our objectives

To maintain and uphold high standards of corporate governance by adopting ESG governance policy and risk management policy to be in line with international and local corporate governance best practices for achieving sustainable governance.

Key figures

Recognised by FTSE4Good Index Series as constituent member and being rated above industry average (as of March 2021)


Our ESG governance

Our ESG governance

We have established a high-level ESG Steering Committee, chaired by our Vice-chairman and Chief Executive, and reporting to the Executive Committee and the Board. The Steering Committee is supported by four Working Groups (ESG Strategy, Environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Disclosure), each led by a member of the Bank’s Executive Committee. We have also set up a dedicated ESG Department to manage ESG issues from a bank-wide strategic perspective.

For details of our corporate governance, please visit our corporate governance page.

Board Statement

The Bank places great importance on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters and this importance continues to grow. The Board takes overall responsibility for ESG matters and their integration into the Bank’s strategies. It guides the management and monitoring of ESG matters that have been identified as relevant to the Bank by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the newly-formed ESG Steering Committee.

The Board expects the Management to provide ESG updates to the Board at least twice a year. In 2021, the Board will review and deliberate on the Bank’s ESG strategies and key performance indicators as well as ESG report for 2020.

The Board set up the ESG Steering Committee in 2020. Reporting to the Executive Committee and to the Board, the ESG Steering Committee drives the Bank’s ESG strategy and relevant matters. It is supported by four working groups: ESG Strategy, Environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Disclosure Working Groups.

ESG matters that the Bank’s stakeholders rate as priorities are tracked through the annual stakeholder engagement exercise. The outcomes of the exercise are incorporated into the Bank’s ESG strategies and programmes. The last exercise was undertaken in the third quarter of 2020 and the Board noted that the Executive Committee reviewed and endorsed the results in November 2020.

ESG policies

To uphold high standards of corporate governance, we implement various ESG policies in our daily operations and financing.

In addition, we observe the following parent company's policies:

Progress update

We have launched our new ESG webpage in May 2021

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