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Our objectives

To maintain and uphold high standards of corporate governance by adopting ESG governance policy and risk management policy to be in line with international and local corporate governance best practices for achieving sustainable governance.

Key figures

Constituent of the FTSE4Good Index since 2001

Constituent of the MSCI Pacific ex Japan SRI Index since 2015 (maintained an AA rating in 2022)

Constituent since 2015, and ranked 5th in both the Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (‘HKBSI’) and Greater Bay Area Business Sustainability Index (‘GBABSI’) in 2022

Maintained a low-risk rating from Sustainalytics

Ranked 1st among the Top 10 companies in Hong Kong in Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking (2022 Edition)

Ranked 7th in 2022 Carbon Rating Report of China’s 100 Overseas Listed Companies


Our ESG governance

Our ESG governance

We have established a high-level ESG Steering Committee, chaired by our Executive Director and Chief Executive, and reportings to the Executive Committee and the Board. The Steering Committee is supported by four Working Groups (ESG Strategy, Environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Disclosure), each led by a member of the Bank’s Executive Committee. We have also set up a dedicated ESG Department to manage ESG issues from a bank-wide strategic perspective.

For details of our corporate governance, please visit our corporate governance page.

Board Statement

Our dedicated ESG Team coordinates with different business units to manage ESG matters from a bank-wide strategic perspective.

In accordance with the ESG Reporting Guide of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (‘HKEX’) i.e. Appendix 27 of the Main Board Listing Rules, the Board was updated regularly about the progress on ESG-related matters at certain meetings that were held in 2022 and early 2023. At these meetings, the Board noted the progress update against the ESG-related goals and targets being set at the beginning of 2022, provided related comments or suggestions to the Management and also exercised oversight over the ESG matters. The Board also confirmed the effectiveness and adequacy of the Bank’s disclosure framework, including the risk management and internal control systems relating to ESG.

Progress update

Governance highlights in 2022:

  • 84,249 hours of learning on the topics of preventing bribery and corruption, money laundering and sanctions, conduct, values and regulations received by our staff
  • Hang Seng Indexes has compiled 18 ESG-related Indexes by the end of 2022
  • More than 99% employees who completed the mandatory cybersecurity training
  • More than 90% IT developers who hold at least one of our internal secure developer certifications
  • 50% of our top 40 suppliers, i.e. half of our total spend responded that they had carbon reduction plans in a questionnaire sent by Hang Seng
  • 95% of our active suppliers are from local community while the rest are from Asia, Europe and the United States

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