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e-Banking Security

To provide you with better online protection, Hang Seng Bank has implemented efficient security measures. Two-factor authentication has been introduced for Personal e-Banking, Business e-Banking and Hang Seng HSBCnet. Please click below to find out more.
To provide you safe and secure e-Banking services, Hang Seng Bank has implemented the following security measures.
You can also help safeguard your account information. Please read how to protect your use of internet banking and online security tips .
About two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication uses a combination of two different factors to verify a user’s identity.
The benefits of using two-factor authentication
Improved security – Internet hackers cannot steal ‘something you have’ in our physical possession over the Internet.
Protection for high-risk transactions – High-risk Internet banking transactions are better protected by an additional authentication factor which is physically held by you only.