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Security Device for Personal e-Banking

With the Security Device, you can generate a one-time Security Code as a second verification when performing certain Personal e-Banking transactions.
Security Device
What can you do with the Security Device?
  • Logging on to Personal e-Banking
  • Transferring to Non-registered Accounts
  • Issuing e-Cheque
  • Bill Payment to e-Merchants
  • Setting Up Direct Debit Authorisation to Designated Beneficiaries
  • Updating Personal Particulars
  • Activating Mobile Payment Service
  • Requesting for ATM Card Replacement
  • Requesting for ATM PIN
  • Requesting for Credit Card PIN/ Phone PIN
  • Requesting for Spending Card PIN/ Phone PIN
  • Registering Hang Seng Easy Pay / Raise daily payment limit of Hang Seng Easy Pay
  • Trading securities and other investment products online
  • Raising transfer limit
  • Registering new payee
If you wish to perform the above transactions, please contact Customer Service Hotline at 2822 0228 and the security device will be mailed to your correspondence address. The Security Device is free of charge on first-time request.
Added features with the Security Device
To safeguard your Security Device from easily accessible by third parties in case of loss, the Security Device is PIN-protected. You will have to set a PIN before the first-time usage and this PIN will be required to unlock the device before each use.
Enhanced security with Transaction Signing
For added security, you can key in transaction specific information on the Security Device to generate a unique Security Code, which can only be used to authorise the respective instruction at Personal e-Banking within a limited time.
How to use the new Security Device?