What is FPS?

Faster Payment System (FPS)* is a real-time payment service platform which provides full connectivity between banks, enabling customers with a round-the-clock fund transfer experience.

  • Instant# cross-bank transfer at no cost
  • 24/7 transfer availability
  • Send and receive money (in HKD / CNY) with just a mobile number / email address / FPS ID upon successful registration, without the need to disclose your account details to third party
  • Multiple online transfer channels to match with your diverse needs

Register FPS now to receive money with your mobile number / email address / FPS ID!

Register FPS in 3 steps
Step 1
How to send and receive money via FPS?
For detailed guideline, please refer to “How it works” sections.
Additional Payment Functions
Set up / raise transfer limit
Add new registered payee