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Hang Seng Virtual Assistant H A R O possesses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing ability. It is capable of addressing customers’ enquiries for selected banking services, account enquiry, transfer and bill payment services 24x7.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) H A R O is empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is able to communicate with you in contextual conversations.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) H A R O possesses Natural Language Processing (NLP) ability to understand questions in Cantonese, English and even a combination of them.
Instant and 24x7 service H A R O is at your service 24x7, anytime and anywhere.
Understand your preferences H A R O provides you with the general information of various products and services at a glance, based on your preferences.
Instant calculation# H A R O supports instant calculation for Mortgage and Personal Loan to facilitate your financial planning.
Visualize your Account Balance H A R O transforms your Credit Card and Integrated Account balance into diagram and allows you to set up account balance reminder. It helps you to have a full picture on your account.
Conversational Transfer, Bill Payment and Credit Card Repayment

H A R O supports Faster Payment System, which provides a small-value transfer among the banks locally;

H A R O Payment helps you pay Utilities, Water Supplies Department, and Inland Revenue Department bills easily;

H A R O Repayment lets you pay the credit card bills.

#: Instant calculation covers Mortgage Affordable Loan Amount Calculator, Mortgage Monthly Repayment Amount Calculator, Personal Instalment Loan Calculator and Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator.

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