eTicketing for Counter Services

Get an eTicket via Mobile App to minimize waiting time


eTicketing for Counter Services

It's convenient and efficient. No need to log on to e-Banking and you can get an eTicket with mobile before heading to the branch.

Key features

You can view the real-time branch counter queuing status via eTicketing service to facilitate scheduling.

If you wish to receive SMS notification for your ticket, input your mobile phone number via Personal Banking Mobile App. You will receive SMS notifications for the latest queuing status.

eTicketing service is currently available at below selected branches and it will be extended to other branches in the coming future:

Hong Kong Island

  • Central Prestige & Preferred Banking Centre
  • Head Office (applicable for Prestige Banking temporary)
  • Wanchai Branch


  • Hankow Road Branch
  • Mei Foo Sun Chuen (Nassau Street) Prestige Banking Centre
  • Polytechnic University Branch
  • Waterloo Road Prestige & Preferred Banking Centre
  • Yaumati Branch

New Territories

  • Shatin City One Branch
  • Tuen Mun Town Plaza Prestige & Preferred Banking Centre
How it works
How to get an eTicket?
Step 1 / 6
Open your Hang Seng Personal Banking Mobile app, you can either tap "eTicketing Service" under "Featured quick links", or simply select from the menu bar on the left.

General Questions

Open your Hang Seng Personal Banking Mobile App, you can either select "eTicketing Service" under "Featured quick links", or select from the menu bar on the left.

You do not need to log on to e-Banking. Either you are a new customer or an existing customer, you can access to eTicketing service anytime as long as you have our mobile app downloaded.

Once you succesfully got the ticket, you can view the real-time queueing status of the selected branch via the "eTicketing for Counter Services" within the mobile app to save waiting time.

No. This service is only available during the branch's service hour, and you need to get the ticket 30 minutes before branch's closing time.

eTicketing for Counter Services ends 30  minutes before the branch's closing time. You can visit branch directly for counter services.

You will need to present your eTicket information in the Mobile app, or the SMS notification sent by the bank for our verification. All rights reserved by the Bank.

Yes, you can access the “eTicketing for Counter Service“ and select customer segment of “General Banking” in the Hang Seng Personal Banking Mobile App.

  • The Bank will not use the mobile phone number provided for any other purposes apart from sending the SMS to the customer and for purposes related to the e-ticket service.
  • The information shown is based on real-time and refreshed at fixed interval. Hang Seng Bank Limited (the "Bank") will not accept liability for any delay, errors, omissions or failure associated with the SMS, whether or not caused by any network problems, system failures, phone connection problems and/or blockages by third party applications. The Bank reserves the rights to change, suspend or discontinue the above services at its discretion and at anytime without prior notice.