Savings Planner

Reaching your savings goal is now easy, safe and fun

Terms and Conditions of Savings Planner will be updated with effect from 16 May 2020. Learn more

Saving Planner

Enable Savings Planner on Hang Seng Personal Banking mobile app (the “mobile app”) and keep track of your finances securely and effortlessly for free.

Key features

Establish your saving habit by simply setting up a saving goal with Savings Planner and reach your goal with ease.

Your Hang Seng accounts and credit card expenses will be automatically imported to the Savings Planner to help you better monitor your expense.

You can easily view your monthly expenses distribution and gain a better insight of your spending pattern.

Savings Planner will provide the monthly summary report to help you keep track of the savings progress, whether you are on track or have overspent.

Savings Planner allows you to take full control of your finance, like ignoring or splitting any expense which has already been imported. You can even add new expenses manually to get a comprehensive view on all of your spending.

How it works
Set up a savings plan
Step 1
Choose a stock from Watchlist, or simply click “Quick Buy” on quick menu

General questions

Savings Planner is a free service available to Hang Seng Personal e-Banking customers.


Once you have downloaded the mobile app, log on to Personal e-Banking and select “Savings Planner” under “Account Services” in main menu.

You can start a new savings plan if your current plan no longer suits you. You can visit “My Plan” → “Reset your plan” to start a new plan.

Please note that once you have started a new plan, all the data from your previous plan will be removed and cannot be retrieved again.

The following types of Hong Kong Dollar accounts will be automatically linked to your savings plan (if applicable):

  1. Sole-named personal Hang Seng Accounts, including:
    • Prestige Signature
    • Prestige Banking
    • Preferred Banking
    • Green Banking
    • Integrated Account
    • Hong Kong Dollar Statement Savings / Current Account
  2. Hang Seng Credit Cards and Spending Cards, except:
    • Renminbi Credit Cards
    • Business Cards
    • Commercial Cards
    • USD Visa Gold Cards

Your newly opened accounts and credit cards (if eligible) will be automatically linked to your savings plan and you will receive a related notification when you enter the plan.

Sure. Your Hang Seng credit card expenses will be automatically linked to your savings plan.

After setting up a savings plan, you can view the following plan details at “My plan” by tapping your plan name on the landing page:

  • Overall savings target
  • Plan duration
  • Plan start date and end date
  • Monthly income
  • Monthly spending limit
  • Monthly savings target
  • Accounts and credit cards linked to your savings plan

Yes, you can change the plan name after setting up a savings plan by clicking “Edit” icon in “My Plan.

Expenses related questions

“Available to spend” is the amount you can spend monthly, and it will be reduced according to your expenses.

Depending on your previous month’s spending, this amount will be adjusted accordingly at the beginning of each month.

You can add expenses manually by clicking “Add” on “My Expenses” to any day within your savings plan.

You can view your current month expenses in “My expense”. You can also filter your expenses by a particular period or a specific date upon the start of your savings plan.

Yes, you can filter out a particular category or more than one categories. You can also view your list of ignored expenses by using filter function.

You can edit the amount and category of an expense that is automatically imported from your account or credit card.

If it’s a manually added expense, you can also edit the description and date.

If you do not want to include a specific expense in your savings plan, you can always choose to ignore it. Once ignored, this expense will be excluded from your total expense.

To revert an expense, simply tap on “Edit” next to the ignored expense and select “Revert ignored expense”.

Savings progress related questions

The overall savings progress will be updated on a monthly basis based on your spending status in previous month.

When a month ended, you will receive your latest monthly summary report upon your first log on to the savings plan.

Savings Planner will provide you with a summary report on a monthly basis to help you better understand your spending status. If you are in almost overspend or overspent situation, Savings Planner will adjust your upcoming savings target automatically to keep you heading towards your savings target.

Savings Planner will let you know whether your savings target has been achieved and provide an expense summary upon completion.