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Safety tips for first-time solo travellers

Solo travel can be an unforgettable experience and a valuable opportunity for personal development. To stay secure in a solo trip, you need to be well prepared. Below, read about the advantages of travelling alone and learn safety tips for a delightful vacation. 

Why is solo travel so addictive? Learn the benefits of travelling alone

Enjoying complete freedom to plan your own itinerary without having to compromise with travel companions could be one of the joy of travelling alone. You can take the time to indulge your own passions, such as taking an in-depth journey to the monuments to explore the history of your destination, planning a foodie trip to experience the local culture, etc. Travelling alone could also be the perfect time to reflect and listen to yourself. Take the opportunity to know more about yourself and learn to enjoy your own company on a solo trip.

If you feel lonely or bored, why not join a guided day tour or stay in a hostel to meet with travellers from all over the world and make new friends? Solo travel can also be wonderful. It lets you choose when to socialise and when to enjoy solitude.

However, your travels could also involve unpredictable events such as being on a delayed flight, getting lost or, misplacing your travel documents. In a situation when you have no one to rely on but yourself, solving problems on your own is a key life skill. Learning to take surprises optimistically when they come during solo trips could be an important life lesson.

Want to stay secure on a solo trip? Things you need to know when travelling alone for the first time

After reading about the benefits of travelling alone, do you want to step out of your comfort zone to set off on your first solo trip? Going to an unfamiliar place alone may involve certain risks. Be alert at all times and take the following basic precautions:  

Solo travellers are prime targets for thieves. If valuables such as your wallet or smartphone  are stolen, there will be no companions to offer you a helping hand. However, taking precautions like not wearing jewellery or luxury watches, using an anti-theft backpack or money belt may help reduce the risk of being pickpocketed. Further, you might consider using credit cards since carrying a large amount of cash may attract unwanted attention. 

Criminals are more likely to happen at night or without witnesses and it can be more difficult for solo travellers to get out of danger by themselves, so avoid walking alone at night or going to deserted places when travelling alone. Consider carrying some personal safety accessories such as a whistle and pepper spray to make yourself heard or protect yourself in case of danger. 

No friends or family will know immediately if something goes wrong when you're travelling alone. Stay connected with your loved ones and keep them informed of your travel plans and whereabouts.  

Safety tips to plan for a solo trip

Besides the above measures that need your awareness during a solo trip, better trip planning is also crucial. As a solo travellers, you can take the following safety considerations when planning your itinerary to be well prepared for a delightful trip on your own.  

Besides devoting attention to budget and personal preferences, it is  important to consider whether the chosen destination is a safe place for travelling alone. As a first-time solo traveler, you can start with places nearby or with a similar culture. Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and other nearby countries / regions are popular destinations for solo travellers. 

You may book flights that arrive at your destination during the day to reduce unnecessary risks due to walking alone with luggage at night. As for accommodation, in addition to hotel and B&Bs, staying in a hostel might be a cheaper option for solo travellers. When choosing your accommodations, don't just consider the price, but also users' reviews and the location. A crowded location is indeed more preferred as it might be more secure, even when heading back alone at night. If you want to lower your travel costs, check out credit card offers before booking flight tickets and accommodations. You may have chances to get online spending privileges and cash rewards.  

Although travelling alone offers you a high level of flexibility, decide on the attractions you may visit and the route you'll take in advanced. Being more familiar with these new places can help reduce any anxiety or confusion you may experience on the street, protecting you from pickpockets and thieves.  

Travelling might lead to the unexpected incidents. A travel insurance and the emergency assistance service could offer you comprehensive protection against unfavourable events such as sickness or accidents that require medical treatments. Such protection is even more life-saving for solo travellers. Remember to bring the original or a copy of the policy and mark down the emergency service hotline number to seek emergency assistance if misfortune occurs. 

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