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H A R O WhatsApp is a new way to cater to your banking enquiries. Whether you are looking for foreign exchange rates, timely market updates or the nearest branches and ATMs, simply WhatsApp H A R O to get your answers straight away.


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Key features

Look up and follow FX rates# instantly with simple keywords. Simply input the currency and amount, such as "JPY1000" or "USD rate trend" and get quick updates.

Stay up-to-date with the market trends you are interested in. From FX Updates#, Investment Overview*, Time Deposit to Moments, stay abreast of the latest news via WhatsApp. 

Share your location with H A R O WhatsApp and get notified of the 3 nearest branches and ATMs in no time.

Get hold of general banking information in just a few taps. Saving your time on calling customer services or browsing for details.

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# Foreign exchange involves exchange rate risk. Terms and Conditions apply.

* All investments involve risks.