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Starting from the month of successful registration until 31 August 2020, accumulate eligible transactions to HKD3,000 with your registered Hang Seng MPOWER Card, your designated transactions can earn 5% Cash Dollars Rebate#. Register Summer Wow Reward to enjoy up to 13% Cash Dollars Rebate in total!

Designated Transaction(s) Reward
Mobile Payment Transaction
Apply Pay Google Pay Samsung Pay
Local Dining, Fashion and Entertainment
Apply Pay Include : Bakeries, Fast food, Coffee shops, etc Apply Pay


Cash Dollars


(Register Summer Wow Reward to enjoy up to 13% Cash Dollars Rebatein total )

Online Spending Transaction

All Online Spending Transaction

Apply Pay


Overseas Spending Transaction

Apply Pay


Apple Pay is trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Google Pay is trademark of Google Inc..
Samsung Pay is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Instant Online Registration is easy and convenient!
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Summer Wow Reward
earn extra up to$1,250 Cash Dollars

Hang Seng Credit Card Summer Reward Everywhere! Earn extra up to $1,250 Cash Dollars for shopping, dining, online spending and mobile payment° with your Hang Seng Credit Card. Offers are starting from registration date until 31 August 2020. 

Frequent Spender Rewards  Extra up to 7% Cash Dollars Rebate
Accumulative every 3 eligible transactions while each in below categories
Online / local dining outlets spending
Apply Pay Extra 7% Cash Dollars Rebate
Other retail spending
Apply Pay Extra 2% Cash Dollars Rebate
Remarks: The extra rewards are limited to a maximum of extra $850 Cash Dollars.
Accumulate Rewards  Extra up to $400 Cash Dollars×
Accumulate eligible transactions⸮ in whole period HK$10,000 HK$35,000
$200 Cash Dollars $400 Cash Dollars
After registration, from 12 June until 31 August 2020, accumulate eligible online transactions to HKD12,000 with your registered MPOWER Card, including 4 online transactions of HKD1,000 each month, to enjoy the rewards as follows:
Basic 0.4% Cash Dollars Rebate  $48 Cash Dollars
(= HK$4,000 x 0.4% x 3months)

= Cash Dollars
(enjoy 13.6%

Cash Dollars Rebate)

MPOWER Card Online Spending 5% Cash Dollars Rebate  $552 Cash Dollars
(= HK$4,000 x extra 4.6% x 3months)
Summer Wow Reward Online Spending Up to 7% Extra Cash Dollars Rebate  $840 Cash Dollars
(= HK$4,000 x extra 7% x 3months)
Summer Wow Reward Up to $400 Extra Cash Dollars Rebate  $200 Cash Dollars
To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!