Turquoise glazed bowl from the reign of Empror Qianlong Noble Our holistic approach to wealth management looks beyond the apparent, to uncover opportunities that align with and protect the long-term interests of you and your family for generations to come. Enjoy the benefits of health living and its rewards towards the pursuit of perfectoin.

Health and Protection Services

Your health matters as much to us as your wealth. As such, Hang Seng Private Banking has put together a collection of health management and protection solutions to help you take good care of your family while achieving more for yourself.

Universal Life Insurance3.1

The Universal Life Insurance Plans help you meet various needs and objectives, such as legacy planning, retirement savings and charitable giving. Rest assured with our help you can optimise your wealth management and asset allocation and make your legendary success a lasting legacy.

Other Life Insurance3.1 and General Insurance Plans3.2

There are many other life insurance plans you can choose from, including savings and retirement plans, as well as general insurance plans to match other needs.

Medical Insurance3.3

Hang Seng Bank has formed a strategic partnership with Bupa (Asia) Limited (“Bupa”) to bring you a range of high quality medical protection plans for you and your family. Based on your needs, you can choose the most suitable package to enjoy international health cover and get the best treatment and care whenever you need it. In addition, you and your family can enjoy privileged access to Bupa’s worldwide professional healthcare support and assistance making sure that you are well looked after every step of the way.