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Property Asset Management and Trustee Services

Your success is deeply important to you and your family, and as such, we persist in our mission, principles and professional attitude, in order to offer you and your family the optimum solutions in asset management and legacy planning, together with property management, family protection and asset succession arrangements, to help you make the most of your time and your wealth.

Hang Seng Trustee Services5.1

Through Hang Seng Bank (Trustee) Limited, your wealth management and asset succession arrangements can be taken care of in a flexible manner. Your family’s various needs will be fully considered so you can pass on your legacy to your beloved ones with total peace of mind.

Hang Seng Property Asset Management Services5.2

With regard to real estate management, Hang Seng Real Estate Management Limited can provide you with a holistic range of professional property asset management services.

Every detail from property acquisition and leasing, to tenancy management and property sale, will be taken care of for you. Simply relax and enjoy the returns on your assets.