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Hang Seng Trustee

To protect the fruits of your success, careful planning is essential. Hang Seng Trustee thoroughly understands your financial needs. We offer a wide range of trust services to help you achieve your long-term estate preservation goals and distribute your assets to your loved ones.

What is a Trust?

A Trust is created when a Trust Deed, a written document, is signed by both the Settlor and the Trustee. The Trust Deed sets out the terms and conditions upon which the Trust Assets will be assigned to and held by the Trustee, who will administer the Trust Assets and distribute them to the Beneficiaries according to the terms of the Trust Deed, as well as the objectives and intentions laid down by the Settlor.

Benefits of a Discretionary Family Trust

  • · Taking care of your family’s medical, education and maintenance needs
  • · Proper succession planning for family assets
  • · Protecting family wealth
  • · Privacy of family assets
  • · Efficient tax planning
  • · Managed by professional Trustee


Other Services Offered by Hang Seng Trustee

  • · Executor Services
  • · Escrow Service


The above information is only for reference and does not constitute any taxation or legal advice from Hang Seng Bank (Trustee) Limited or any of its associated companies. Before setting up any trusts or engaging other services mentioned above, customers should seek the necessary independent professional tax and legal advice.