Security Tips and View Notes

Security Tips and View Notes

Online Security Tips

  1. Five Golden Rules for Online Security
    Increase your PC's protection by following these rules
  2. Safeguard Your Security Device
    Do not permit your security device* to come into the possession or control of any other person.
    Do not leave your security device* unattended.
  3. Spyware
    Protect Your Personal Data - Regularly review your computer's security settings and take steps to prevent the unauthorised installation of spyware.
    • What is Spyware?
      • Spyware is a computer software programme that installs itself without a user's permission and does not inform the user what information it is gathering from the computer and how it is using it.
      • It transmits collected information to an unauthorised organisation that uses it to make a profit in some way.
      • It can lead to security issues such as 'Keylogging', 'Confidential Information Leakage' and 'Compromise Computer Security'.
    • What to do?
      • To prevent spyware installation without your consent, remember not to download any freeware onto computer that you use to access Internet banking.
      • Always run an anti-virus software program and/or anti-spyware software before you download other programs or open emails.
      • Update your anti-virus software and Windows security patches.
      • Change your Internet banking password REGULARLY to protect your personal data.
  4. Fraudulent e-mails
    Beware of fraudulent e-mails that claim to have been sent by employees of Hang Seng Bank. 

    There have recently been fraudulent e-mails in circulation which claim to be issued by directors/senior executives/employees of Hang Seng Bank. Typically, recipients of these e-mails are invited to claim a large sum of money held in the name of an account-holder since deceased, by posing as his next-of-kin. The recipients are asked to provide the issuer with their personal details.

    Please note that these e-mails were not issued by Hang Seng or its employees. Hang Seng has already reported the cases to the Hong Kong Police for investigation. If you receive e-mails of this kind you may wish to contact the Hong Kong Police.
  5. Protect Your Online Transactions
    Your use of a Security Device* for high-risk transactions enables us to verify your identity. Click here to find more e-Banking Security information.

    * Security Device including a physical Security Device or Mobile Security Key, used to generate the Security Code

Viewing Notes

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