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Application Hints and Tips

Our hiring process

The hiring process in Hang Seng Bank may vary depending on the role you apply for and the area of business or function in which the role sits.

Steps to apply

  • Once you have identified a role that interests you, you are required to submit an online application, including your latest CV. It is an important part of your application to Hang Seng Bank and it is your first opportunity to demonstrate your qualities and achievements.
  • Remember to think about the role you are applying for and tailor your CV to clearly present relevant skills and experience. Ensure your personal details are up to date for us to better understand you and to enable us to consider you if another suitable role comes up in the future.
  • Once you have successfully completed your application, you may receive a link to a website containing some online assessments by our assessment provider SHL. These are designed to identify whether you have the skills required for the role and to assess your suitability for working at Hang Seng Bank. The number and type of assessments will depend on the role you are applying for
  • Online value assessment assesses the extent to which you meet Hang Seng Bank’s values by asking how you would respond in certain work situations. Our values define who we are as an organization and what make us distinctive. We believe in acting with courageous integrity. We are:



  • Standing firm for what is right, delivering on commitments, being resilient and trustworthy
  • Taking personal accountability, being decisive, using judgement and common sense, empowering others


Open to different ideas and cultures

  • Communicating openly, honestly and transparently, welcoming challenges, learning from mistakes
  • Listening, treating people fairly, being inclusive, valuing different perspectives


Connected to customers, communities, regulators and each other

  • Building connections, being aware of external issues, collaborating across boundaries
  • Caring about individuals and their progress, showing respect, being supportive and responsive
  • Online aptitude tests assess critical qualities for job success, such as solving problems, understanding written information and numerical data. These tests are applicable to selected graduate positions only
  • You can take the assessments at any time within a fixed number of days, as specified in the email. You should complete some of the practice questions supplied before you begin, and start the assessments only when you are sure you can give them your undivided attention
  • Interviews are a chance for us to get to know you better, and for you to find out more about us and how we work
  • HR interview typically covers your past experience, responsibilities and achievements, as well as your strengths. You will be asked to tell us about specific occasions when you have demonstrated a particular skill. You may also be invited to complete on-site written tests depending on the role for which you are applying
  • Business interview allows you to meet with our hiring manager(s) to understand more about the position and its expectations. The conversation will also focus to assess your functional and technical capabilities required for the role
  • The interview is your chance to make sure the interviewer knows that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at Hang Seng Bank, and to decide whether we're the right fit for each other
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