e-Cheque Services

The Personal e-Banking e-Cheque issuance and deposit services will be demised effective from 27 Feb 2022. The e-Certs for issuing e-Cheque will also be automatically cancelled after its expiry date. Afterwards, you can deposit e-Cheque to Hang Seng accounts using the e-Cheque Drop Box service provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited. Enquiry service (including stopping an e-Cheque) on Personal e-Banking will be maintained until 25 June 2022. You can call 2 8 2 2 0 2 2 8 for enquiries from the day onwards. Thank you for using our service.


e-Cheque Services

e-Cheque, a paperless cheque issuance and deposit experience, makes your cheque payment easier and more convenient. It retains the basic functions of paper cheques, together with the benefits in the following aspects:
Issuance – anytime, anywhere at Hang Seng e-Banking platforms
Security – signed using the electronic certificate issued by the recognised Certification Authority and secured by us
Electronic Delivery – to your payee by various means such as email, or direct deposit at Hong Kong Interbank Clearing
      Limited’s e-Cheque Drop Box Service
Deposit – online present e-Cheques for deposit without visiting our branches or our cheque machines
Status Tracking – online tracking of the issuance and deposit status at Hang Seng e-Banking platforms

How does it work ?

3 easy steps to issue and deposit e-Cheque via Hang Seng e-Banking platforms:
  1. Payer issues the e-Cheque online.

  2. Payer downloads and delivers the e-Cheque to the payee by electronic means.

  3. Payee deposits the e-Cheque via Hang Seng e-Banking platforms or Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited’s e-Cheque Drop Box Service.

e-Cheque Issuance Service

  1. Supports e-Cheque1 issuance via HKD, USD and RMB current accounts (Available for Personal e-Banking Only2)

  2. Secured with e-Banking Security Device

  3. A maximum daily transfer limit3 has to be set up

  4. SMS notification generated to payer’s mobile phone

  5. Personal e-Banking will facilitate the payer to apply a free electronic certificate (“Bank-Cert”) for producing the digital signature(s) on the e-Cheques

e-Cheque Deposit Service

* The status tracking for e-Cheque deposited via HKICL is not applicable to Hang Seng HSBCnet.

e-Cheque Security

  1. The payer is required to use the e-Banking Security Device when issuing e-Cheque.

  2. Every e-Cheque carries the digital signatures of both the payer(s) and the payer’s Bank. e-Cheque has adopted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology in the digital signature to prevent forged e-Cheques.

  3. All e-Cheques will pass through an All-banks-centralized Presentment Checking Mechanism to avoid duplicated presentments of those e-Cheques.

Useful information for respective Hang Seng e-Banking platforms

For more information, you can contact
Personal Customer Commercial Customer
24-hour Customer Service Hotline 2822 0228 24-hour Business Partner Direct 2198 8000


  1. e-Cheques are not negotiable nor transferable. Forward-dated e-Cheque issuance can be up to 90 days.

  2. Not available on Hang Seng Mobile Applications.

  3. For personal customer, e-Cheque issuance is subject to the Daily Transfer Limit of Master Limit for Non-registered Accounts which is shared between e-Banking and ATM channels. For business customer, e-Cheque issuance is subject to the Daily Transfer Limit to Non-Designated Beneficiary Accounts.

  4. Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited’s e-Cheque Drop Box Service website is at www.echeque.hkicl.com.hk, or on their mobile applications available on iOS and Android.

  5. Terms and conditions apply. For details, please refer to Integrated Account Terms and Conditions /Business Integrated Account Terms and Conditions (for Integrated Account holders) or Account Rules (for non-Integrated Account holders).