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Our team of wealth management experts from different specialisations such as investment experts, insurance experts, forex experts, securities specialist and financing experts work closely with your dedicated Signature Relationship Manager. Together, they offer all round wealth management services to assist your wealth planning with designated products and privileged pricing.

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Signature Market Analyses

Armed with profound experience and gems of wisdom, our investment experts are eager to provide Signature customers with regular investment market updates and analyses with topical commentary videos[1]. They help you capture every investment opportunity and empower you to grow your wealth to its fullest potential.

Deployment amidst tapering from the Fed and inflation pressure

7 October 2021

Investment webinar

Our team of Investment Experts will regularly organise investment webinars for you to answer your investment queries and share the latest market news and information with you. With our help, you will have your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the market to better capture investment opportunities.

Positioning your investment ahead of rising interest rates

12 August 2021

Our professional wealth management team

Signature Relationship Manager

Your dedicated Signature Relationship Manager works closely with our team of experts, using all their experience and insights to help you capture each opportunity for wealth growth.


Our experienced Investment Experts will analyse your portfolio integrating our professional market commentaries. They can then offer expert advice that will define your personalised wealth management strategy. And when you need even more personalization, you can enjoy private consultations with an Investment Expert.


Working alongside you, we will plan the tailor-made insurance solution that aligns with your ambitions and your family’s needs. From medical protection to retirement to legacy planning, every element is defined by our Insurance Experts.


Our Forex Expert will analyse the latest foreign exchange, gold and commodities market trends with the support of up-to-the-minute market news and commentary. You can develop your strategy with them through private consultations either by phone or video meeting.


Our Securities Specialist will provide stock updates and market trend insights based on your investment appetite. They will also be on hand to provide any trading services you require[2].


Our Financing Expert will fully evaluate your portfolio covering your owned properties and different assets. We will then define a tailor-made financial plan that best caters to your funding needs and life plan with solutions ranging from mortgages to secured overdrafts, personal loans to credit cards.

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Risk disclosure and other point(s) to note

  1. Investors should note that all investment involves risks. Prices of securities and investment products may go up as well as down and may even become valueless. Investors should read in detail the offering documents and the Risk Disclosure Statement of the relevant securities and investment products before making any investment decision. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the terms and conditions of respective products on banking products and privileges.
  2. Please read Hang Seng Signature Terms and Conditions.


  1. The video is intended for persons in Hong Kong.
  2. Customers must register to enjoy the above service. Customers should fulfil all the registration requirements and acknowledge his/her understanding of the service Terms and Conditions. For details, please contact your Relationship Manager.

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