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Interest-free Spending Instalment -
Personalized Monthly Handling Fee Plan

This season’s hottest gadgets, a trip for relaxation, the trendiest fashion items…. are these the top items on your wish list?

With a Hang Seng Credit Card Interest-free Spending Instalment - Personalized Monthly Handling Fee Plan, you can settle your retail spending easily by monthly instalment!
  • Personalized monthly handling fee as low as 0.18%(1)

    Completely interest-free(2) with monthly handling fee as low as 0.18%(1). For every spending of HKD10,000, the handling fee is just HKD18(3) per month.

    Special offer for monthly handling fee is valid until 24 November 2019

  • Flexible repayment period

    You can choose to repay by 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 monthly instalments

  • Combine various transactions for application

    You can combine various new transactions e.g. spending at retail merchants and online bill payment on Hang Seng credit card statement for application(4).

  • You can apply with different monthly statements

From 25 July 2019 to 24 November 2019 ("Promotion Period"), you can enjoy up to extra $100 Cash Dollars upon approval of online(5) application for Instalment Plans with 12 or above monthly instalments:
Accumulated Approved Instalment Plan Amount (HKD) 
for online(5) application
Cash Dollars
HKD15,000 - HKD29,999 $50
HKD30,000 or above $100
Assume the monthly handling fee is 0.18% with approved Instalment Plan amount of HKD30,000 of an online(5) application.
No. of instalment 12 months
Monthly handling fee HKD30,000 × 0.18% = HKD54
Monthly repayment (HKD30,000 ÷ 12) + HKD54 = HKD2,554(6) (included handling fee)
Extra Cash Dollars $100 Cash Dollars
Application / Enquiry on Personalized Handling Fee
Please apply within seven working days prior to the credit card statements payment due date.
  1. Personal e-banking customer click here
    Other customer click here
  2. Hang Seng Personal Banking Mobile App
  3. Hotline: 2998 6868
  1. The 0.18% monthly handling fee is applicable to selected customers and designated instalment amount, and is for reference only. The handling fee is to be determined by Hang Seng from time to time for individual promotion. The annualized percentage rate(APR) of 0.18% monthly handling fee are as follows: 3.76% for 6 months, 4.04% for 12 months, 4.18% for 24 months, 4.20% for 36 months, 4.20% for 48 months, 4.19% for 60 months.The APR is calculated based on the requirement of the Code of Banking Practice. APR is a reference rate which expresses the fees and charges of respective product as an annualized rate.
  2. If you fail to make full repayment of the statement balance specified in your credit card account statement on or before the payment due date of each month, you shall pay a finance charge and other charges on any monthly instalment amount due but unpaid at the prevailing interest rate applicable to your credit card account from the post date of such monthly instalment.
  3. The calculation of the monthly handling fee as low as HKD18 is assumed as follow: HKD10,000 (withdrawal amount) x 0.18% (Monthly Handling Fee), this example is for reference only.
  4. The minimum total amount to apply for spending instalment is HKD3,000. Applicable to designated spending categories only, for details, please refer to Clause 3 of the Terms and Conditions for Interest-free Spending Instalment - Personalized Monthly Handling Fee Plan.
  5. Must apply via the website of Hang Seng ( or Hang Seng Personal Banking Mobile Application.
  6. The above example is for reference only, for the actual monthly instalment amount, please refer to monthly statement.
Remark: No Cash Dollars will be offered on the handling fee and monthly instalment amounts.
To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!