ORSO Services and Fund Performance - Hang Seng Pooled Provident Plan

ORSO Services and Fund Performance

Hang Seng Pooled Provident Plan provides comprehensive range of Investment Portfolios, you could view the fund price, fund performance and relevant information under the “ORSO Services and Fund Performance” on our webpage anytime.

Fund price and fund performance

Hang Seng Pooled Provident Plan (HSPPP)[1]

The following information shows every 2 months cumulative performance (%) and period returns (%) for each Investment Portfolio under the HSPPP.

August 2023 (Latest)

June 2023

April 2023

February 2023

December 2022

October 2022

August 2022

Hang Seng Pooled Provident Plan (HSPPP)[1]

Read this quarterly report to learn about market overview, asset allocation, fund performance of each Investment Portfolio under HSPPP and more.

2023 Q2 Report (Latest)

2023 Q1 Report

2022 Q4 Report

2022 Q3 Report

The Investment Performance Report shown above are to provide historical information and are for reference only.


Other point(s) to note

  1. The unit prices are based on the net asset value of each Investment Portfolio and quoted for indication only.
  2. Cumulative performance is calculated based on the unit price of the last valuation day at the end of every two months (i.e. February, April, June, August, October and December).
  3. Cumulative performance is calculated in the fund currency on the basis of NAV-to-NAV (net asset value) with dividend reinvested.
  4. The ORSO information provided on this webpage is for reference only, which may be subject to adjustment or correction from time to time without any notice. The relevant information after adjustment or correction may vary. The information provided above should not be regarded as investment advice. You should not rely on the above information when making your investment choices.
  5. Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The value of financial instruments, in particular stocks and shares, and any income from such financial instruments, may go down as well as up. For further details including the product features, risks and fees and charges involved, please refer to the relevant "Principal Brochure".


  1.  The Hang Seng Pooled Provident Plan together with all its Investment Portfolio are constituted in the form of an insurance policy issued by Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited ("HSIC").

Issued by Hang Seng Bank Limited