Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility
All rounded Superiorities brings you greater financial flexibility
  • Bringing extra liquidity from your pledged assets(1)
  • Revolving credit line allows flexible repayment
  • No minimum repayment required
  • Interest being calculated on the overdrawn amount is on a daily basis
Case sharing for "Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility" (for reference only) Mr. Chan requires a sum of money for his son to study abroad, but most of his assets have been used for investment.
Asset Type Currency Loan Ratio
(% of Asset Market Value)
Up to 60% of appraised Property Value
Time Deposit/
Foreign Currency Savings 
HKD/ USD 95%
Certificate of Deposit Major Currencies Up to 90%
Statement Gold HKD 80%
MaxiInterest Investment Deposit
HKD/USD/Cross Currency
Up to 60%
Stocks HKD Up to 50%
Bonds Major Currencies Up to 90%
Capital Protected Investment Deposit (CPI) Major Currencies Up to 95%
Capital Protected Equity Linked Note / Capital Protected Structured Product Major Currencies Up to 90%
Equity Linked Investment / Equity Linked Note Major Currencies Up to 45%
Capital Guaranteed Fund Major Currencies Up to 90%
Open-ended Fund Major Currencies Up to 70%

  1. Hang Seng Bank shall have absolute discretion to prescribe and change the asset type, loan ratio, overdraft interest rate and fees for the Secured Overdraft.
  2. For the terms and conditions of Secured Overdraft, please contact any Hang Seng Bank staff.
Please provide the following information to calculate the Daily Interest Paid:
Overdrawn Amount:
Annual Interest Rate*
Calculate Reset
*For details of applicable Annual Interest Rate, please click here.
Application Channels
  1. Personal e-banking customer click here^
    Other customer click here^
  2. Secured Overdraft Enquiry Hotline 2710 2288

^ Only available to customers aged 18 or above with an Integrated Account (including Signature/ Prestige Banking/ Preferred Banking or Integrated Account).

Terms and Conditions
  1. (1) All asset types must be approved by Hang Seng Bank Limited (“the Bank”). The Available Secured Overdraft Limit should be adjusted according to the market value of the assets and the relevant loan ratios from time to time. Related fee will be charged for the Secured Overdraft Facility that you apply for and interest will be charged by using the Secured Overdraft Facility.
Hang Seng reserves the right to terminate or vary the offers and the approval of the Secured Overdraft Facility and the related terms and conditions from time to time. For enquiries or full details of the related terms and conditions, please contact us.
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