Hang Seng Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan

Unless otherwise specified, all fields must be completed.

Application Requirements:

  • 1. Aged 18 or above
  • 2. Monthly income HK$5,000 or above
  • 3. Hong Kong resident

Basic Information


Notes: Direct Debit/Loan Disbursement Account must be a Hang Seng Bank single-name account under same name of applicant.

Balance Transfer Details

Total Loan Amount is the total of A. Loan Amount to be deposited into customer's account and B. lump sum of balance transfer amount.
B. Please fill in below Balance Transfer account details (maximum 5 balance transfer accounts) according to settlement priority. The minimum balance transfer applied amount is HK$1,000 per account.


Credit Card

Notes: (1) If the above loan application (or part of it) is approved, the loan amount will be paid by way of cashier order or interbank fund transfer (CHATS). If the loan amount cannot be paid by CHATS, it will be paid by cashier order. Where the loan (or part of it) is disbursed by CHATS, the CHATS payment will be transferred to the designated beneficiary banks/financial institutions on the loan drawn down date. The beneficiary banks/financial institutions may charge a handling fee for local telegraphic transfer from the relevant accounts. Where the loan (or any part of it) is disbursed by cashier order, it will be sent by registered mail/courier to the applicants, or can be collected at Hang Seng Tower in person. Upon receiving the cashier order, applicants should deposit the cashier order to the designated beneficiary banks/financial institutions accordingly. (2) To ensure the application is processed promptly, please submit the latest monthly statements of the personal overdraft/loan/credit card accounts for each balance transfer requests. The processing priority and the transferred balance are subject to credit assessment result. The actual settlement date may vary according to the policies and procedures of the beneficiary banks/financial institutions. Applicants should note the repayment due date of the beneficiary accounts. In any circumstances, the Bank shall not guarantee that the approval loan is disbursed on or before the relevant repayment due date of the beneficiary accounts. The Bank shall not be liable for any interests, charges or penalties arising from the amount owed to beneficiary banks/financial institutions. (3) The Bank shall not accept any application of the Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan for the purpose of settling outstanding amounts of Hang Seng Personal Instalment Loans, Personal Revolving Loans, credit cards and overdrafts, and the beneficiary accounts should be Hong Kong Dollar Accounts under the applicants' sole name. (4) In the event of the loan amount being insufficient to settle in full the outstanding amount owed to the relevant beneficiary banks/financial institutions, applicants shall be responsible for repaying the residual outstanding amount to the beneficiary banks/financial institutions.