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Loan amount up to 21 times of your monthly salary[1] and can save interest expenses with personalised interest rate and 0% handling fee

Up to HKD26,000 cash rebate[2]

Manage your outstanding debts easily by integrating all your borrowings to clear debts at ease

Better budget planning with fixed monthly repayment with repayment period from 6 to 72 months

Only the latest month's income proof[3] is required

Enjoy extra cash up to 8 times of your monthly salary[1] while settling your outstanding card and loan balance

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As of HKT
Monthly repayment amount
Monthly flat rate
- %
Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan Credit Card Minimum Payment
Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan Credit Card Minimum Payment
Monthly repayment amount HKD - Minimum Payment
Total interest amount HKD -
(Save HKD -)
Repayment period 72 month(s)
(Shortened by - month(s))
- month(s)
The Annualised Percentage Rate of Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan is -
Your payment will be as follows if you make no additional changes using this account:
Each month you pay (HKD) Repayment period Estimated total payment amount (HKD)
Each month you pay (HKD) Repayment period Estimated total payment amount (HKD)
Only the minimum repayment - month(s) -
- 36 month(s) -
If you pay off the balance amount in 36 months, you can save HKD - for the total payment amount.
Annual interest rate
- %
Annualised Percentage Rate (”APR“)
- %
Daily interest payable Daily interest paid
Monthly interest paid[6] Monthly interest paid[7]
HKD - -
Interest rate Effective rate (p.a.)
- %
Monthly minimum payment amount
Your loan plan
  • The result of the loan calculator is for reference only. The actual repayment liability depends on the actual terms of each borrowing arrangement.
  • For a loan amount of HKD150,000 with 72 months repayment period, the monthly flat rate applicable is 0.2% (APR 4.63%), and the total loan repayment amount is HKD171,604.80 (0% handling fee). The above example is for reference only. The Annualised Percentage Rate listed above does not include any fees and charges. The Annualised Percentage Rate is up to 36.00%, with repayment period of 6 to 72 months. The loan application is subject to the Bank’s approval.
  • APRs are calculated using the Net Present Value Method in accordance with the Code of Banking Practice, and is rounded up or down to the nearest 2 decimal places. The above APRs are reference rate which include the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualised rate (if applicable).
  • The monthly repayment amount is rounded up to 1 decimal place and will be debited from the repayment account on the due date every month. The proportion of loan principal to interest in each monthly instalment amount is calculated according to the Rule of 78.
  • The total interest expense over the whole repayment period quoted above is rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • Actual interest expense amount that can be saved is determined on a case-by-case basis (it depends on various factors such as the outstanding balance of credit card that a customer currently holds, interest rate charged by the respective credit card, monthly repayment amount, repayment period as well as the amount of Debt Consolidation Loan approved by Hang Seng, loan repayment period, interest rate and monthly repayment amount).
  • The above Credit Card Minimum Payment is calculated by Credit Card Balance Repayment Calculator, based on a general credit card with monthly flat rate of 2.67%, and a monthly repayment of all fees and charges billed to the credit card followed by 1% of the outstanding balance or HKD300 (whichever is higher) over a 371-month repayment period. The average monthly repayment amount is calculated based on the first 6 instalments and is rounded to the nearest integer. The Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) is 35.72%.



  1. The final approved loan amount is subject to the circumstances of individual cases.
  2. For the cash rebate offers and other terms and conditions, please refer to the "Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan Promotion Terms and Conditions" at the last section for details.
  3. Hang Seng Bank Limited ("Hang Seng") reserves the right to request additional income proof from individual applicants on a case-by-case basis.
  4. For details of the Loan and offers, interest rates, handling fees, annualised percentage rates, and related terms and conditions, please contact Hang Seng staff. The salary scheme of our representatives (included basic salary and incentive) is based on their performance of various aspects and not only the sales target achieved.
  5. Customer is advised to pay attention on whether interest expenses would be saved by making early repayment of personal instalment loan. For enquiring the relevant fees and charges of loan account, please call our Personal Loan Service Hotline (852) 2997 3882.
  6. For the frequently asked questions relating to Personal Instalment Loan (e.g. Important notes of early repayment; the basis of apportionment of principal and interest in the monthly repayment, etc), please refer to our Bank’s website (Personal Banking Loans Personal Instalment Loan FAQ).

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