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Annual fee waiver[1]

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No cash advance fee required

Unsecured overdraft limit up to HKD800,000 or 8 times your monthly salary[2]

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Your loan plan Result
As of HKT
Monthly repayment amount
Monthly flat rate
- %
Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan Credit Card Minimum Payment
Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan Credit Card Minimum Payment
Monthly repayment amount HKD - Minimum Payment
Total interest amount HKD -
(Save HKD -)
Repayment period 72 month(s)
(Shortened by - month(s))
- month(s)
The Annualised Percentage Rate of Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan is -
Your payment will be as follows if you make no additional changes using this account:
Each month you pay (HKD) Repayment period Estimated total payment amount (HKD)
Each month you pay (HKD) Repayment period Estimated total payment amount (HKD)
Only the minimum repayment - month(s) -
- 36 month(s) -
If you pay off the balance amount in 36 months, you can save HKD - for the total payment amount.
Annual interest rate
- %
Annualised Percentage Rate (”APR“)
- %
Daily interest payable Daily interest paid
Monthly interest paid[6] Monthly interest paid[7]
HKD - -
Interest rate Effective rate (p.a.)
- %
Monthly minimum payment amount
Your loan plan
  • Prime Rate refers to the Hong Kong Dollar Prime Lending Rate as quoted by Hang Seng Bank Limited (“Hang Seng”) from time to time.
  • Interest will be calculated on the basis of actual number of days elapsed and a 365/366-day year.
  • If customers’ applications cannot meet our Unsecured Overdraft Facility approval requirements, the applications will still be processed on a case-by-case basis, but the rate offered may be adjusted. Customer will be notified of the relevant adjusted rate upon Unsecured Overdraft Facility approval.
  • Professionals include: (i) customers with a professional certificate issued by a professional body, including but not limited to doctors, accountants, lawyers, architects, surveyors, engineers and pilots (ii) senior civil servants with Master Pay Scale Point of 34 or above or equivalent. Hang Seng reserves the right of final interpretation to the definition of “Professionals”. Privileged customers include Hang Seng Payroll account customers and Hang Seng Mortgage customer. For details, please contact our staff.



  1. For the annual fee waiver, please refer to the Promotion Terms and Conditions set out at the last section for details.
  2. The final approved Unsecured Overdraft limit is subject to change in accordance with the circumstances of individual cases.
  3. The minimum unsecured overdraft limit is HKD5,000.
  4. For details of the service provisions, fees and charges of the relevant Integrated Account, please refer to respective leaflets of the corresponding products.
  5. The salary scheme of our representatives (included basic salary and incentive) is based on their performance of various aspects and not only the sales target achieved.
  6. For the frequently asked questions relating to Unsecured Overdraft Facility (e.g. Difference between an instalment loan and an overdraft, etc), please refer to our Bank’s website (Personal Banking Loans Unsecured Overdraft Facility FAQ).

Terms and Conditions apply to the offers and services.

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