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Latest offer

Latest offer

Cash Rebate


  • Applicable to first-hand, second-hand and government subsidised flats of residential property with a valid Gold or Platinum rating (including "Provisional Gold", "Provisional Platinum", "Gold", "Platinum", "Final Gold" and "Final Platinum" rating) under "BEAM Plus New / Existing Buildings" scheme which is recognised and certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC)
  • Applicable to mortgage loan for new purchase and transfer mortgage[1] of residential property by application submission with individual name
  • BEAM Plus is Hong Kong’s leading initiative to offer independent assessment of buildings’ planning, construction and management sustainability performance. For Green Mortgage related eligible project details, please contact our staff or check on the HKGBC website
  • Cash rebate is only applicable to customers with mortgage drawdown loan amount HKD1,000,000 or above which is approved by Hang Seng.
  • Only applicable to mortgage loan for new purchase and transfer mortgage of residential property by application submission with individual name. Green Mortgage Plan is not applicable to mortgage loan for further charge, re-mortgage, standalone carpark and Hang Seng’s staff loan.

Smart tips for greener living

There are simple ways you can do to support sustainable living,

  • Save electricity: Select home appliances with the Grade 1 Energy Label and unplug or switch off appliances that are not in use
  • Lower carbon footprint: Use sustainable materials to renovate your home and use eco-friendly furniture

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Other point(s) to note

  1. The mortgage loan terms and loan amount are subject to the final approval of Hang Seng Bank Limited.
  2. If the total cash rebate amount (including above cash rebate) exceeded 1% of green mortgage loan amount, the total cash rebate amount shall be deducted from the mortgage loan amount in order to fulfill the prevailing regulatory requirements.


  1. Transfer of mortgage application should be handled by solicitor firm, the relevant fees and charges incurred include solicitor's fee, stamp duty, copying charges (if applicable), etc. Any other fees and charges incurred such as early repayment charge (if applicable) charged by current bank shall be borne by the customer.

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