New Purchase Mortgage Plan
Flexible and diversified mortgage plans to satisfy your financial needs
  • Loan amount of up to 70%# of the property’s value/appraised property value (whichever is lower)
  • Loan tenor of up to 30 years
  • Offers mortgage plans to various properties such as home loans for private residential properties (including completed or uncompleted first-hand and second-hand residential properties) and different mortgage types for village houses, tenement houses, commercial and industrial properties, car parks etc.
HIBOR Mortgage Plan
  • Mortgage rates align with the movement of market rate – Hong Kong Interbank Borrowing Rate^
  • Protect from an interest rate cap of HKD Prime Rate
Prime-based Mortgage Plan
  • Mortgage rates based on the HKD Prime Rate

# The loan-to-value ratio and maximum loan amount are subject to the prevailing guidelines issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
^ HIBOR rate quoted herein refers to the Hong Kong InterBank Offered Rate for the interest period of 1 month for Hong Kong Dollars quoted by Hang Seng Bank Limited (“Hang Seng”) at or about 11:00 a.m. (Hong Kong time) on the loan drawdown date or interest fixing date. This HIBOR quoted by Hang Seng may not necessarily the same as HKD Interest Settlement Rates quoted by the Hong Kong Association of Banks.

Flexible Repayment Option

Other than the monthly fixed instalment repayment option, you can also choose other repayment plans which suit your financial needs.

* Not applicable to HIBOR Mortgage plan.

Terms and Conditions

  • The loan amount and terms of the loan are subject to final approval of Hang Seng Bank Limited (“Hang Seng”).
  • Hang Seng reserves the right to suspend, revise or terminate the above offer and amend the above terms and conditions at any time. In case of any disputes, the decision of Hang Seng shall be final and conclusive. For details of the offer, please contact Hang Seng’s staff.

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