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Employee Learning and Development
Hang Seng Bank allocates ample resources to learning and development with the aim of sustaining a competent, professional and ethical staff force that will contribute to the success of the Bank. Our commitment to staff development is also aligned with the expectation that authorised institutions should engage and deploy personnel with sufficient skills, knowledge, professional qualifications, experience and soundness of judgment for the discharge of their duties.

Learning and Development Programmes
To engage new joiners and help them connect with others within the organisation, the Bank has a comprehensive Induction Programme that provides them with an understanding of the Bank's history, culture, core values and corporate governance.

In addition, to ensure staff members perform their duties professionally and effectively, a broad spectrum of role specific learning curricula are provided, covering financial knowledge, banking products and operations, compliance, risk management, management skills as well as sales and relationship management. Reinforcement and refresher programmes are also provided as appropriate to keep staff members abreast of the latest banking development which allow them to carry out their duties to the highest standards.

We have a suite of leadership programmes to develop management capabilities that drive high performance, create a positive employee experience, and build strong leadership capabilities. 

Professional Study and Qualifications Programme
The Bank is dedicated to develop a professionally competent staff force that will confidently face the challenges of the competitive marketplace. In addition to in-house training, the Bank also encourages staff members to pursue professional or academic qualifications for sustainable development.