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Corporate culture and values


Hang Seng is dedicated to providing excellent service. Our team members play a vital role in delivering top-notch products and services to our customers. We seek to attract high-calibre talent with our dynamic working environment, ample career prospects and competitive compensation packages.

We share the dreams of Hong Kong people. With our deep roots from the community, we provide trusted, best-in-class financial services that empower our customers to achieve success today and for future generations.

Our culture

Our culture

We build an agile and dynamic workplace to support all-rounded development of our staff. Our mission is to provide best-in-class customer experience to create a better future for our community.

We are committed in promoting a culture that is positive, compliant and inclusive. We will always be a trusted partner to our customers and our community, today and for generations to come.

Our values

We value difference

We are open to ideas and feedback from all perspectives. We maintain a lean structure to create a workplace where colleagues feel empowered, safe and valued.

We succeed together

We collaborate beyond boundaries with effective communication. We break down silos. We trust and support each other. We think as "One Bank".

We take responsibility

We set high standards and take ownership of our actions. We always use good judgement, speak up and act.

We get it done

We think like entrepreneurs and are always absorbing new knowledge. We make things happen at pace by making clear choices and taking bold actions. We keep our promises and help each other to overcome hurdles.

People centricity

We offer comprehensive medical plans for our staff and families to ensure their well-being and peace of mind. Our wellness apps, seminars and Employee Assistance Programme provide all-rounded support for physical, mental and financial well-being. Our activity-based workplace will make you feel energised at work.

We support flexible and hybrid working so you can be productive at work while meeting personal needs and fulfilling family commitments.

Our leave policies and personal time off on top of your holiday entitlement allow you to take time away from work to recharge and cater for different life events.

We support our staff to achieve their financial goals at different life stages. We offer competitive compensation packages, housing loan benefits and rental reimbursement, share purchase plan, life assurance and retirement benefits along with other banking offers.

We value inclusion and diversity. With a Speak-Up culture, we listen to staff feedback and encourage you to exchange ideas in regular townhalls and internal staff communication channels. Various fun activities and recreational facilities such as Beer Friday, interest and yoga classes, gym facilities and a massage room are here to create an energetic and enjoyable working environment.

We celebrate successes and milestones at work. We recognise value-aligned behaviours with our At Our Best Recognition programme.


We are an industry leader in developing FinTech solutions and using digital solutions in our operations. We are a pioneer in recruiting and facilitating learning in the Metaverse. We ensure a digitised employee experience along your career journey from your onboarding.

Our Data Literacy Empowerment Programme drives the understanding and effective utilisation of data across the bank and equip all staff with the invaluable skill set to succeed in the future of banking.

To cultivate innovative mindsets and an "intrapreneurial" environment, our FinTecubator is an engine for internal start-ups, driving create solution-developments and agility.

We develop and maintain strategic alliances with various organisations and enterprises on FinTech development to transform our business through the adoption of innovative solutions.

We encourage an agile "test and learn" culture for you to utilise your creativity, create value and make meaningful business impact.


We offer multiple opportunities to reskill and upskill. Tools and platforms are developed for you to curate your own learning path and develop abilities to succeed now and in the future.

We encourage you to explore and gain new experiences through experiential learning and job enhancements. We enable internal mobility across the bank and encourage participation in cross-departments projects. We provide networking and job-tasting opportunities with Talent Marketplace.

We offer fit-for-purpose talent and leadership development programmes to accelerate the development of next-generation leaders of the Bank. We are focused on supporting our talents to achieve their career and development goals.

We support staff's professional development and growth in their area of expertise and interest. Our education sponsorship and examination leave help you pursue professional or academic qualifications.


We promote an inclusive culture which is free of bias and discrimination. We nurture a safe workplace in which people are respected and given equal opportunities to achieve their career goals. We strive to maintain our strong leadership position in gender equality among companies in Hong Kong.

We encourage you to participate in public services and volunteer works to make a positive impact to the society. We promote education on ESG and create initiatives to contribute to the sustainable development of Hang Seng and Hong Kong.

We offer internship and graduate opportunities to nurture future banking professionals and to support the development and upward mobility of Hong Kong's youth.

We understand the special needs of the caregivers and have policies and programmes to support you. Our Employee Resources Group advocates for your well-being and provide opportunities for caregivers to support one another as a community.

We strive to be a leader in reducing the environmental impact of our daily operations. We offer customers a wider range of green business and sustainable finance solutions to promote environmental stewardship.

We encourage you to contribute to our effort in mitigating carbon emission and share our commitment to achieve net zero carbon emission by 2050.

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