iPower Account
iPower Account


Investors should note that investment involves risks (including the possibility of loss of the capital invested), prices of fund units may go up as well as down and past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance. Investors should read the relevant fund's offering documents (including the full text of the risk factors stated therein (in particular those associated with investments in emerging markets for funds investing in emerging markets)) in detail before making any investment decision.

Introduction of iPower Account

iPower Account provides an online investment fund management platform1 for you to manage your investment funds portfolio at any time and places to meet your investment needs.
You can activate iPower Account through Hang Seng Personal e-Banking and start trading investment funds via the iPower online investment fund management platform1.
The iPower online investment fund management platform allows you to give investment fund trading instruction and review your portfolio anytime, anywhere.
The Power of "I" Unique Investment Advantages

The monthly account fee2 for the iPower Account covers different fund subscription fees and switching handling fees, and you may adjust your portfolio with accordance to the market trend.
Subscription amount as low as HKD3,000 for each fund. You can build your own investment portfolio with a lower investment amount.
Enhanced fund search through Fund SuperMart allows you to search and compare the prices and performance of the funds.
iPower Account (Cantonese)
Watch the following videos to experience the iPower online wealth management platform and its function
iPower Account Service Charge (Cantonese)
Watch the video to experience the introduction of iPower Account fees structure
This service is only applicable to personal customers and is not applicable to commercial customers.
The single monthly account fee for the iPower Account covers fund subscriptions and switching handling fees, and is charged with reference to the portfolio value (subject to a minimum fee of HKD100). It is calculated and accrued on each calendar day, and payable monthly in arrears. Where the daily portfolio value is zero in the whole calendar month, the minimum fee stated above does not apply to that calendar month (irrespective of whether any fund holdings were recorded in the previous month(s)). Customers should note that an account administration fee as charged by the Bank applies in certain circumstances. Please click here for details of the fees and charges. In addition, for fund subscription and switching, while you are not required to pay the subscription fee and the switching handling fee, you may be required to pay redemption fees and/or other fees (if any) charged by the relevant fund house(s).
The Bank shall have the absolute discretion in granting the overdraft facility and in specifying loan ratio(s) in respect of each collateral from time to time. The overdraft facility shall be subject to the relevant terms and conditions applicable to the facility.
Important Notes for iPower Account

The services from time to time offered by the Bank at its discretion under or in connection with the iPower Account will be provided via Hang Seng Personal e-Banking Services ("e-Banking Services"). You must register for the e-Banking Services and maintain such registration in order to allow you to use and/or continue to use the iPower Account and the services.

In respect of the iPower Account and communications issued/sent by the Bank and available in electronic form (e.g. e-Statements, e-Advices and Investment Funds e-Reports and e-Notices), such communications will be made available to you in electronic form only. No paper copy will be provided. You must register for the relevant services as prescribed by the Bank from time to time, including without limitation, the Hang Seng e-Statement/e-Advice Service and the e-Banking Service. Please click here for the full text of the "Important Notes for iPower Account".