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Overseas ATM withdrawal limit

Enhanced Security for Cash Withdrawals at Overseas ATMs

If you would like to withdraw cash (including cash advances) at any overseas ATM, you must activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function in advance by setting the overseas ATM daily cash withdrawal limit through the following channels.

To ensure that you can withdraw cash through overseas UnionPay ATM, before departure, please remember to check if the ATMs at the destination country / location accept the UnionPay ATM chip card or Credit Card. For details, please visit In addition, you may use a Hang Seng Visa or MasterCard Credit Card (for personal customers only) to withdraw cash from your Hang Seng savings account. If you have not yet linked your Hang Seng savings account to your Credit Card, please visit any of our branches to subscribe for the service.

  • Important Notes
    • Customers are required to set the overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit for each individual ATM Card / Credit Card.
    • When staying overseas, customers can activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function via Hang Seng Personal or Business e-Banking or our Automated Phone Banking Hotline. Please note that the function cannot be activated at overseas ATMs.
    • Your ATM Card/Credit Card PIN and Phone Banking PIN will remain unchanged. Never disclose your PINs to anyone, including Hang Seng staff.
    • In order to receive the SMS confirmation, before activation, please ensure that your mobile phone number registered with the Bank is valid and up-to-date. The SMS confirmation of successful activation will not be forwarded if you have subscribed to an "SMS Forwarding" service provided by your telecommunications service provider in Hong Kong.
    • The new ATM Chip Cards cannot be used on the PLUS/Cirrus ATM network and designated HSBC ATMs). If you would like to access the PLUS/Cirrus ATM network, you may link your Hang Seng savings account to your Hang Seng VISA/MasterCard Credit Card (where applicable).
    • You can set up, amend or cancel the overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit, with immediate effect, through the activation channels mentioned above.
    • For non-personal customers, the Authorised Hang Seng Cardholder must be the Primary User or Secondary User of Hang Seng Business e-Banking or the Authorised Phone Banking User who may operate the relevant account(s) through such channel in order to activate the overseas ATM daily cash withdrawal limit of such account(s) via such channel.