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Apply Now! Open a Preferred Banking account with relevant transactions to enjoy fabulous welcome offer. Please note that investment involves risks. Terms and conditions apply. You can refer to our branch staff or call our 24-hour Preferred Banking Manned hotline 2822 8228 for details.
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Gain access to a range of exclusive benefits such as Wealth Management products and other services that are designed to suit your needs.

Banking Product Privileges

Investment Fund
  • Fund subscription fee for existing customers who have Investment Funds Account:
    - Index Funds: net 1%
    - Bond Funds: net 1.5%
    - Other Funds: net 2.5%
Securities Services
  • 500 free real-time quotes of HK Stocks and A shares respectively per month
  • Additional 500 free real-time quotes of HK Stocks / A shares per month for customer with respective HK Stocks / Stock Connect Northbound Securities holdings
Time Deposit and Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Preferential time deposit interest rate
  • Foreign currency exchange premium
Life Insurance
Life Insurance Plans Premium waiver in the first policy year ( in percentage / no. of months)
  • FutureEnrich Life Insurance Plan
  • PreciousWay Education Life Insurance Plan
  • Splendid Universal Life Insurance Plan
  • SavourLife II Annuity Life Insurance Plan
  • SavourLife II (RMB) Annuity Life Insurance Plan
  • HarvestLife (RMB) Life Insurance Plan
  • For annualized premium of HKD40,000 - HKD999,999 (or its equivalent in other currencies): 0.5%
  • Treasure Life II Insurance Plan
  • MediCash Lifetime Insurance Plan
  • PreciousLife Critical Illness Life Insurance Plan
  • For annualized premium of HKD8,000 or above (or its equivalent in other currencies): 4%
Hang Seng Platinum Card
  • Successfully apply and pick one of the three welcome offers1:
       - HK$600 Expedia Hotel Voucher Code / Up to $650 Cash Dollars /    Samsonite Pixelon Spinner 69cm
  • Extra $200 Cash Dollars for online application2
Secured Overdraft Facility3
  • Interest Rate P+1% p.a.
Unsecured Overdraft Facility4
  • First year annual fee waiver and 50% discount of annual fee from the second year onwards
Personal Instalment Loan
  • Exclusive preferential interest rate offers and handling fee waiver
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Enjoy all the privileges and services offered by Preferred Banking for free by simply maintaining a Total Relationship Balance of HKD200,000 or hold the below products:

Product Holdings Required Total Relationship Balance5 Requirement
Life Insurance plan6 / Investment account with holding7 / Auto-payroll service8 HKD20,000
Mortgage-Link Loan Scheme9 HKD50,000
For new customers, you can visit our branches for opening a Preferred Banking account.
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Important Notes

All investments involve risks (including the possibility of loss of the capital invested), prices of fund units may go up as well as down and past performance is not indicative of future performance.


The risks for funds which are index funds, including but not limited to, tracking error risk, concentration risk and risks associated with passive investments, etc.


The risks for funds which are bond funds, including but not limited to, the credit/ default risks of the issuers of the bonds in which the bond funds invest, interest rate risk and liquidity risk, etc. Investors should read the relevant fund’s offering documents (including the full text of the risk factors stated therein) in detail before making any investment decision.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!