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Online Bill Payment Service



Hang Seng Credit Card Online Bill Payment Service – Payment of a wide range of bills is just a few clicks away

Hang Seng Online Bill Payment Service makes settling your bills easier and more convenient. Just log-on to Hang Seng Personal e-Banking to transfer funds to any of over 100 merchants and organisations.


Schedule your payment date up to 13 days in advance
Enjoy an interest-free payment period of up to 56 days
Earn Hang Seng Credit Card Cash Dollars* on your bill payments
No service charge


* For details of using Hang Seng Credit Card to make bill payments and types of bill that are eligible for earning Cash Dollars, please click here .



Online Bill Payment Service is not applicable to e-shopping MasterCard, USD Visa Gold Card, Spending Card, Private Label Card and JAL Hang Seng Card.



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