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Achieve effective MPF management by increasing your contribution, which may provide better protection in your retirement life.

Create tax deductible savings[1]

  1. Making tax deductible voluntary contributions ("TVC")
  2. Enjoy up to HKD60,000 income tax deduction per tax assessment year under personal income tax, with maximum tax savings of HKD10,200

Latest videos

Hang Seng MPF Life Stage Journey

Make wise choices for a better life

Hang Seng MPF  Life Stage Journey

Explore the stories to learn more about managing MPF when facing different life moments.

Episode 3 - Tax saving

Peter and his wife Amy are having a conversation during dinner regarding different tax saving solutions.

> How to create tax deductible savings?

Episode 2 - Changing jobs

Peter leaves his current job today and turns over a new leaf for his career. His colleagues remind him about multiple ways to handle his MPF.

> How to consolidate your MPF accrued benefits in one place?

Episode 1- Retirement

Mr. and Mrs. Chan will soon enter the retirement stage. Recently, they start discussing how to manage their MPF for an ideal retirement life.

December 2021


Diversification amidst uncertain market outlook

The global economy has entered an expansion phase of the economic cycle, and we have noticed that the pace of recovery is different across regions. How can we diversify our investment risk amidst an uncertain market outlook? Let the expert share their views on the global macro economy and various asset classes, so you can build your MPF investment strategy and plan ahead for retirement.

May 2021


Increase of China A-share proportion in MPF schemes

Since November 2020, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority has lifted the 10% allocation limit to China A-shares in MPF schemes. Let’s explore the potential impact brought by this new change to MPF scheme members’ retirement planning in our latest video - "Increase of China A-share Proportion in MPF Schemes"

January 2021


Environment, Society, Governance (ESG)

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of the importance of sustainability in our Environment, Society, Governance (ESG), as well as sustainable investment. Let the expert share with you how responsible investment may bring about sustainable development opportunities for our communities and corporate enterprises. Also, gaining insights on how to uncover sustainable investment opportunities for individual investors and MPF scheme members in the long run by implementing ESG values.

September 2020


Default Investment Strategy (DIS)

Default Investment Strategy (DIS) automatically reduces the portfolio’s risk exposure annually as the member ages. How does this help to mitigate potential negative impact on a member’s portfolio amid volatile market when approaching retirement?

April 2020


Volatile market

The COVID-19 pandemic has developed into a global issue; stock market volatility has reached a peak since the 2008 financial crisis. How should we pay attention amid this volatile market? Let the expert share the latest market outlook with you so you can manage your MPF more actively.

MPF insights

How should you position your MPF investments in an inflationary environment?[2]

Understand the fundamentals of inflation and interest rate hikes as well as the relationship between interest rates and inflation. Learn the impact of inflation and how you can protect yourself against it, so you can allocate your MPF portfolio more effectively when facing the changing investment and market environments.

Go to > "Individual investor" > "Investor resources" > "Investment academy" > "Inflation and interest rate hikes: How to position your investments" to view the video and learn more.


Importance of a diversified investment portfolio[2]

Understanding the importance of diversified investment portfolios can help you to balance the overall risks and returns in the world of ever-changing market conditions.

Go to > "Individual investor" > "Investor resources" > "Investment academy" > "Multi-asset 101" to view the video and learn more.


How are index funds different from actively managed funds?[2]

MPF investment options consists of 2 types of funds – index funds and actively managed funds. The major differences between these funds lie in their investment objectives and strategies.

Go to > “Individual investor” > “Investor resources” > “Investment academy” > “More resources” > “Index funds - two-minute videos” > “How are index funds different from actively managed funds? “ to view the video and learn more.


The effects of Equites and Bonds to your MPF investment portfolio[2]

In addition to equity investments, MPF's Constituent Funds also consist of bond investments which can provide potential income regularly and balance the overall risks of a portfolio. Therefore, they are crucial in any comprehensive investment portfolio.

Go to > “Individual investor” > “Investor resources” > “Investment academy” > “Understanding investment basics” > “Fixed income 101“ to view the video and learn more.


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  1. Please note the risks associated with the relevant products.
    The Sponsor of Hang Seng MPF scheme is Hang Seng Bank Limited; while Hang Seng Bank's Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy is underwritten by Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited.
    Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The value of financial instruments, in particular stocks and shares, and any income from such financial instruments, may go down as well as up. For further details including the MPF product features and risks involved, please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure.
    Additional voluntary contributions, Flexi-Contributions and tax deductible voluntary contributions are accepted at the discretion of the MPF Trustee. The MPF Trustee reserves the absolute right not to accept any additional voluntary contributions, Flexi-Contributions and tax deductible voluntary contributions at any time.
    The information shown in this webpage is for illustrative purposes only. The tax incentives mentioned in this webpage are only available to Hong Kong taxpayers. The actual tax deductible and/ or saving amount shall be subject to your personal circumstances, the provisions of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112 of the Laws of Hong Kong SAR) and the Inland Revenue Department's discretion. Hang Seng Bank Limited or Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited does not provide tax advice. If you are in doubt with your tax status or any information relating to tax incentives, you should obtain independent professional advice or visit the Inland Revenue Department’s website. Please note that the tax law, regulations and/or interpretations are subject to change and may affect any related tax incentive including the eligibility criteria for a tax deduction. Hang Seng Bank Limited or Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited is not responsible for informing you about any changes in laws, regulations or interpretations, and how they may affect you.
    Any general tax information provided in this webpage is for your reference only, and you should not make any tax-related decisions based on such information alone. Please note that only the premium paid net of any marketing offers (e.g. discount, premium waiver, etc.) might be eligible for tax concession and the actual tax benefits would depend on personal tax position (e.g. salaries income and assessable profits) and you should always consult with a professional tax advisor if you have any doubts. Further information on tax concessions applicable to QDAP may be found at
    The relevant information is issued by Hang Seng Bank Limited and Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited (wholly-owned subsidiary of Hang Seng Bank)
  2. Source: HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“HSBC Asset Management”). HSBC Asset Management is the brand name for the asset management business of HSBC Group.