Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Series (VHIS)

These VHIS plans are certified by the Health Bureau of Hong Kong and are underwritten by Bupa (Asia) Limited

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Series

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Hang Seng Bank and Bupa (Asia) Limited (“Bupa”), the health insurance specialist in Hong Kong, offer the VHIS series for your medical protection needs. Our certified VHIS plans include Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan (S00020), Global Prestige VHIS Plan (F00035) and Bupa Hero VHIS Plan (F00040). You can refer to the VHIS comparison table below to learn about the benefits and policy details of different VHIS plans offered by us.

VHIS plans comparison

Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan (S00020)
Bupa Hero VHIS Plan (F00040)
Global Prestige VHIS Plan (F00035)
Application channel


Advance Plan: Online / Branch
Advance Pro / Deluxe / Deluxe Pro Plan: Branch


Annual benefit limit


From HKD25 million
to HKD40 million

HKD40 million

VHIS Standard Premium for age 30

(No deductible options for this plan)

View the Standard Premium Schedule

From HKD1,072/month
(HKD0 deductible)

From HKD517/month
(HKD40,000 deductible)

View the Standard Premium Schedule


(HKD40,000 deductible)

View the Standard Premium Schedule

Area of cover

(For psychiatric treatment, the territorial scope only covers Hong Kong)

Asia, Australia and New Zealand / Worldwide excluding the United States (eligible expenses incurred outside the chosen area of coverage shall be payable according to the VHIS Standard Plan Terms and Benefits)


Restricted ward class

No restrictions

Semi-private room/
Standard private room 

Standard private room

Guaranteed renewal

Up to age 100

For life

For life

Cashless service with Bupa medical card
Room and board


Full coverage

Full coverage

Specialist’s fee


Full coverage

Full coverage

Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments


Full coverage

Full coverage

Featured VHIS products

Bupa Hero VHIS Plan (F00040)

  • Certified VHIS flexi plan[1]with up to HKD40 million annual benefit limit
  • Full coverage for eligible surgeries and treatments (including cancer and other serious illnesses) in Asia, Australia and New Zealand or worldwide (excluding the US)
  • No medical examinations are required for enrolment

Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan (S00020)

  • Certified VHIS standard plan[2]
  • Covers up to HKD420,000 necessary expenses every year
  • Cover unknown pre-existing conditions

Global Prestige VHIS Plan (F00035)

  • Certified VHIS flexi plan[3] 
  • Up to HKD40 million worldwide full cover for medical expenses every year
  • Flat premiums for customers from age 60 

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Other point(s) to note

  1. Disclosure of information: The above plans are underwritten by Bupa (Asia) Limited ("Bupa") which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority in Hong Kong. Hang Seng Bank Limited (“Hang Seng Bank”) is an insurance agent authorised by Bupa for the distribution of the above plans. Premiums will be payable to Bupa upon enrolment in the above plans. Bupa will provide Hang Seng Bank with the relevant commission and performance bonus in accordance with the selling of the above plans. The existing sales staff remuneration policy offered by Hang Seng Bank will take into account various aspects of the staff performance but not solely the sales amount. HealthPro Concierge Service and Health Coaching Services are provided by Bupa. In respect of an eligible dispute arising between the Hang Seng Bank and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, Hang Seng Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any dispute over the policy terms or performance (claims and service) of the product should be resolved directly between Bupa and the customer.
  2. The above information is a product summary for reference only. Please refer to the policy for the detailed coverage, general exclusions, terms and conditions. 
  3. The tax incentives mentioned in this webpage are only available to Hong Kong taxpayers. Whether tax deduction is allowable for all or any part of the qualifying premiums paid under your VHIS Plan and the actual tax deductible and/ or saving amount shall be subject to your personal circumstances, the provisions of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112 of the Laws of Hong Kong SAR) and the Inland Revenue Department's discretion. All the information relating to VHIS tax incentive included in this webpage is not intended to provide any form of tax advice. Hang Seng Bank Limited does not provide tax advice. If you are in doubt with your tax status or any information relating to tax incentives, you should obtain independent professional advice or visit the Inland Revenue Department’s website. Please note that the tax law, regulations and/or interpretations are subject to change and may affect any related tax incentive including the eligibility criteria for a tax deduction. Hang Seng Bank Limited is not responsible for informing you about any changes in laws, regulations or interpretations, and how they may affect you.


  1. Bupa Hero VHIS Plan is a VHIS flexi plan certified by the Health Bureau of Hong Kong and underwritten by Bupa.
  2. Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan is a VHIS standard plan certified by the Health Bureau of Hong Kong and underwritten by Bupa.
  3. Underwritten by Bupa, the Global Prestige VHIS Plan is a VHIS flexi plan certified by the Health Bureau of Hong Kong and exclusively made for esteemed customers of Hang Seng Bank.