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FX and Precious Metal Margin Trading Services

Product risk level
  • FX rate spreads are around 10% of telegraphic transfer rates
  • Up to 50+ combinations of currencies and precious metals on margin
  • Up to 15 times leverage ratio
  • Long trading hours and multiple subscription channels

FX2 - FX and Precious Metal Trading Services

Product risk level
  • Trade in any pair, in any combination, of 10 currencies and 1 precious metal
  • Buy (long) and/or sell (short) foreign currencies and precious metals
  • Trade at a lower trading spread compared to telegraphic transfer rates and currency exchange rates

MaxiInterest Investment Deposit

Product risk level
  • Potential return with favoured market trend
  • Potential to exchange up to 10 different currencies at a more preferrable rate than spot rate
  • Investment tenor from 1 week to 3 months
  • Check out more information on underlying currency pairs for reference

Securities Services

  • A wide range of trading channels including online, mobile app and phone trading
  • Various order types such as stop loss and all-in-one order
  • Higher flexibility with day trading and trade before settlement
  • Click here to open securities account

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