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Online Bill Payment service enables you to pay bills at ease with over 700 merchants and organizations

Online Bill Payment service enables you to pay bills at ease with over 700 merchants and organizations

  • Centralize bill payment at Personal e-Banking with payment records
  • Set up bill payment alerts* for free to ensure pay bills on time
  • Earn +FUN Dollars by paying through Hang Seng credit cards
  • Set up online authorized payment transfer*, simple and convenient
*only applicable for desktop version Personal e-Banking

Log on to Hang Seng Mobile App,
select “Transfer & Pay” > “Pay Bills”

Select “Merchant”
Select Bill Type, then enter the Bill Account No (if applicable), and select “From account”
Input amount, then press “Next”
Press "Confirm" after verified the information to complete the bill payment

User Sharing

I used to pay household expenses by cash in person. Then I found out I can actually pay all the bills via Hang Seng Personal e-Banking, and earn more +FUN Dollars at the same time!💰
Fred (Salesperson), 24 years old
It’s very easy to miss the due date when you are a frequent business traveler. However, after using Hang Seng Personal e-Banking to settle my bills, I am free from late payment!😎
Apple (Investment Consultant), 28 years old
Bills from everywhere are driving me crazy😣, lucky to have Hang Seng Personal e-Banking to help me consolidate all the payments, saving my time to deal with all these issues!
Terry (Engineer), 40 years old

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  1. You can earn +FUN Dollars by settling the online bill payment with credit card, except making bill payments to payees under Banking and Credit Card Services, or to Inland Revenue Department. Effective from 1 Oct 2016, the earning of +FUN Dollars for online bill payments to payees under Insurance Companies by personal Hang Seng Credit Card (except Commercial Card and Business Card) is subject to a maximum cap of HK$10,000 aggregate payment amount per month. The +FUN Dollars earning ratio will be calculated by the prevailing ratio of the cards.
  2. The maximum monthly cap of HK$10,000 aggregate payment amount is calculated based on the total amount of online bill payment (to be counted by transaction date) to payees under insurance companies made by the same credit card during the first calendar day to the last day of a month. +FUN Dollars will be offered and calculated by the prevailing ratio of the cards for the total payment amount within the monthly cap.
  3. For all successfully processed instructions, you will receive a reference number instantly. You are advised to 'print' or 'save' the payment details for reference. Notification will only be sent to your "Inbox Message" of Personal e-Banking if payment instruction cannot be processed successfully. For successful payment*, you can check your payment record in Personal e-Banking one working day after your payment execution date (in the "Account Details" under the "Account Services" section). *Applicable for payments made before 4:30pm on Mon-Fri and before 11:30am on Sat.
  4. A Payee List is a list of paper bill accounts to which you wish to make payment on a regular basis. You may set up your own payee list online by selecting "New Payee" and after paying the paper bill, your own online payee list* will be established automatically. For payees under the Banking and Credit Card Services category, you are required to register the bill account number(s) at any Hang Seng Bank branch in person. *If the bill account number is not a fixed account number, it will not be recorded in your payee list.
  5. You can choose to pay now or preset payment instructions up to 13 calendar days in advance. For both immediate or pending payment instructions, please note that the respective credit limit will be held once you have confirmed the instruction.
For more FAQs, please visit
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