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Commercial Banking


Our Business Banking provides one-stop financial solutions to professional services firms, NGOs and charities, universities and schools, retailers and restaurants, start-ups, and technology companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, across industries.

If you join our Business Banking Division, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet with entrepreneurs and business owners from a wide variety of businesses and develop total banking relationships with them. The bank’s comprehensive training programme develops well-rounded and capable commercial bankers.

Our Corporate Banking business provides customised one-stop financial solutions to our corporate customers, from prime small and medium-sized businesses to publicly listed companies.

For customers conducting business locally or around the world, we offer a comprehensive range of services including corporate lending, trade and receivables finance, structured loans, cash management, investment, treasury services, insurance and e-Banking services. As a reliable financial partner, we attend to the specific business needs of our customers and provide efficient tailor-made banking solutions through our relationship managers and dedicated specialists.

If you join our Corporate Banking business, you will have the opportunity to develop into an all-round corporate banker and get exposure to various corporate banking businesses such as trade, corporate credit and corporate wealth management. You will also have the opportunity to take part in delivering the best financial services to our corporate customers and in helping build a close relationship with them.

Our Corporate Wealth and Sales Management offers the full spectrum of wealth management and insurance solutions to our corporate customers, tailored for their protection and investment needs. In addition, we play an important role in providing our internal customers a wide range of sales management and internal control functions.

If you join our Corporate Wealth and Sales Management business, you will have the opportunity to become an insurance or investment specialist. You will meet with our corporate customers, get to know their businesses, understand their insurance and investment needs, and their risk tolerance level, you will conduct analysis and recommend solutions which best suit their needs. You will also have exposure to the sales management and internal control functions and help formulate and implement propositions to drive a robust sales culture, to facilitate customer relationship management, and to carry out credit risk and operational risk monitoring and control.

Our Global Trade Solutions is one of the most experienced providers of international trade services in Hong Kong. As a preferred trade business partner for corporate customers, we provide a broad spectrum of customised trade and factoring solutions for mitigating trade risks and improving cash flow, giving our customers assurance and flexibility. Our solid foundation and the wealth of experience in the provision of trade services provide corporate customers the best opportunities to grow and a peace of mind.

If you join our Global Trade Solutions business, you will have the opportunity to become a business specialist in trade and receivables finance and get exposure to various trade business modules. You will work closely with our corporate customers to understand their trade needs, business uniqueness and competitive edge, you will structure versatile and long-term trade financial solutions to meet their requirements and build a close relationship with them.

Our Global Payments Solutions offers a comprehensive range of cash management services from account and deposit management, payments and remittance, collection and receivables services, liquidity management and electronic channel solutions to our corporate and commercial banking customers. We provide tailored solutions to our corporate banking customers as well as efficient plug-and-play services to our commercial banking customers. We are responsible to drive liabilities growth for the Commercial and Global Banking segments through the provision of first-class cash management solutions to them. We are also steering the transaction banking FX growth for the bank. We focus on our customers’ needs in Greater China and aim to be the one-stop cash management partner of choice for our customers across mainland China and Hong Kong.

If you join our Global Payments Solutions business, you will have the opportunity to develop as a world-class professional cash management specialist. You will also have ample opportunity to learn the technical skills and knowledge of cash management, while gaining great exposure to customer management by understanding customer needs and tailoring solutions for them. Global Payments provides a solid and rewarding career as a banking specialist.

Our Wholesale Chief Operating Officer’s Office is dedicated to manage non-financial risk, drive digital and transformation strategic execution, analyses big data and market opportunities, oversee customer due diligence, as well as provide business management support for wholesale banking. The team plays a key role in enabling high performance, mitigation of potential risk, promoting digital transformation to drive our business forward.

If you join our Wholesale Chief Operating Officer’s Office, you will have opportunities to develop large-scale project management expertise by contributing in diversified projects, from risk management, digital transformation, machine learning, strategy formulation to human resources planning. You will work closely with businesses and functions across wholesale banking to understand their business and operation needs, develop strategic plan to enhance customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


Our Global Banking business provides a broad spectrum of financing solutions to large corporations and financial institutions. As a strategic financial partner to corporate customers, Hang Seng offers a full suite of products and services including but not limited to lending, liabilities products, trade finance and remittances, global markets products, investment, insurance and credit card merchant business. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals understand the specific requirements of our customers and are committed to providing tailor-made financial packages in their best interests.

If you join our Global Banking business, you will work as a business financial specialist and support our corporate customers in making their financial decisions. You will work closely with them to understand their needs, business uniqueness and competitive edge, and tailor flexible, versatile and long-term financial solutions that best meet their requirements. You will also support them in forecasting their future development and expansion needs as their trusted business advisor.

Our Global Markets business provides superior services, fully integrated solution and 24-hour global markets coverage. Our support framework is substantial and advanced technologies deliver quick access to key markets, while our capital strength allows us to tailor competitively priced solutions for client businesses around the world. We provide our customers the full spectrum of treasury services for hedging and investment purposes, including foreign exchange, interest rate risk management, derivatives products, capital markets instruments and equity products, as well as market intelligence on global trends and key developments.

If you join our Global Markets business, you will get to know our customers and design reliable solutions that best meet their needs. You will help them to manage business risks arising from fluctuations in interest rates and exchange rates. With your professional knowledge and expertise, you will also assist in balance sheet management by managing the bank's liquidity and interest rate risk. You will also engage in inter-bank activities in interest rates, money markets, foreign exchange, derivatives, capital markets and equity, to hedge the bank's risk exposures. You can also make good use of your business acumen and market sense to develop structured treasury products for different customer segments.

Our Wholesale Chief Operating Officer’s Office is dedicated to manage non-financial risk, drive digital and transformation strategic execution, analyses big data and market opportunities, oversee customer due diligence, as well as provide business management support for wholesale banking. The team plays a key role in enabling high performance, mitigation of potential risk, promoting digital transformation to drive our business forward.

If you join our Wholesale Chief Operating Officer’s Office, you will have opportunities to develop large-scale project management expertise by contributing in diversified projects, from risk management, digital transformation, machine learning, strategy formulation to human resources planning. You will work closely with businesses and functions across wholesale banking to understand their business and operation needs, develop strategic plan to enhance customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


Serves over 3.5 millions of customers in Hong Kong, Hang Seng's Wealth and Personal Banking (WPB) grows with our community and partners in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, providing world-class solutions to our retail customers in everyday banking, lending and wealth through seamless platforms and services.

Hear what our team at Retail Distribution think about working at Hang Seng.

Hear from our Head of Retail Distribution, Theodore Mak, on our branch network's culture and exciting opportunities.

Kick-start your career in our Retail Distribution business.

Accelerating Wealth Programme (AWP)

The AWP prioritises transferable skills over experience and qualifications, enabling you to kick-start an exciting career in our fast-growing Wealth business, regardless of your professional background.


Building on your transferable skills, the AWP will support you in developing the wealth and client skills required to succeed as a Customer Relationship Manager within our branch network. With the full support from the bank, you will gain the qualifications and develop the technical skills required for the role. On completion of the programme, you will be a qualified Relationship Manager, playing a key role in helping our clients grow, manage and preserve their wealth.

Selection for the AWP is based on transferable skills. To succeed you'll need:

  • High levels of self-motivation
  • The passion and willingness to learn
  • A keen interest in Hang Seng's products and services as well as financial markets
  • A desire to develop relationships with clients and work with colleagues across the bank in meeting their needs



  • Right to work in Hong Kong
  • Proficiency in both English and Chinese
  • Ensure you have the correct educational requirements to complete licensing examinations (IIQE 1,2,3 and HKSI 1,7,8)

With the AWP, you will receive end-to-end training and support to smoothly land in the role of Relationship Manager. There are four phases in your integrated learning journey which offers you different e-learning courses, instructor-led practical workshops, and branch attachment. As long as you're motivated to learn, we will support you to succeed.


Integrated learning journey (6 months)


  1. Build your wealth expertise (Week 1-2)

    • Induction programme
    • License exam tutorial
    • Technical skills e-learning
  2. Develop your client skills (Week 3-8)

    • Client skills e-learning
    • Branch attachment
    • Wealth practice workshop
  3. Apply your skills to wealth (Week 9-14)

    • Onboarding programme
    • Operational skills e-learning
  4. Continuous learning until graduation (Week 15-24)

    • In-branch coaching by manager and wealth experts

Feature roles

Customer Relationship Manager
  • Establish, build, and deepen new and existing relationships with our retail banking customers
  • Provide personalised financial planning advice to meet customers' goals and grow their wealth
General Banking Manager
  • Provide quality customer service to walk-in customers of our branch network
  • Proactively identify customer needs and offer appropriate banking services and solutions
Insurance Specialist
  • Assist in driving the insurance business by identifying and capturing insurance business opportunities
  • Explore and expand customer base for insurance products
  • Drive tactical programs to develop a robust insurance culture on need based financial planning to affluent segments
Investment Consultant
  • Conduct customer portfolio analysis to identify cross-selling investment products opportunities
  • Implement and participate in promotion programs to acquire new and retain existing investment business
  • Leverage on wealth management solutions such as bonds, structured products and mutual funds to achieve customers' financial goals
Branch Service Executive (Teller)
  • Provide quality service through efficient and customer-friendly counter transactions
  • Support an excellent service delivery and customer experience
Digital Branch Service Executive
  • Identify and digitise banking service to strengthen our digital customer service and user experience
  • Manage queue and provide customer service in bank hall by efficient and customer-friendly service

Our departments in WPB

The WPB Chief of Staff function adds further strength to the management team as it plays a vital part in driving the formulation of business strategies and managing business performance. The team supports the business to grow revenues and profitability, while meeting de-risking objectives and maintaining an effective risk management framework. Key responsibilities cover the below areas:

  • Support formulation, agreement, and implementation of strategic plans for the business
  • Cost structure transformation and management to future proof the bank
  • Risk governance to support the management team in risk oversight and decision making
  • Provide oversight of fraud management and operations activities

Should you join WPB Chief of Staff, you will have great exposure to the management of key business risk and opportunities. Equipped with experience and knowledge needed, you will have the opportunity to manage and coordinate cross-business activities in WPB, including interacting with and influencing management team across countries, regulators, and other stakeholders. All with an aim to ensure all processes, functions and services within the business are aligned to group policy and local regulations. Last but not least, you will be joining a large team working together to inspire and engage people, develop and communicate purpose led vision, and create an inclusive, high performing, customer-centric culture. 

Customer Proposition and Management is committed to designing differentiating value propositions for strategic customer segments, including mass affluent, mass retail and mainland Chinese with unique anchors on wealth and banking solutions, synergising advanced digital capabilities, and servicing channels to deliver quality client experiences. We continue to develop best-in-class customer life cycle management strategies, ranging from account acquisition, activation, relationship deepening and retention, to accelerate quality customer growth and deepen customer relationships. The team is also dedicated to providing first-class customer experience with a focus on structured customer feedback loop, experience measurements for customer touch points and journeys, key customer journey enhancements as well as efficient complaint resolutions and cultivation of the customer centric culture within the bank.

Should you join our Customer Proposition and Management team, you will gain exposure to driving customer proposition strategies and customer journeys and collaborate closely with product teams, distribution channels and other functions, to offer customer centric solutions for enhanced customer experiences, meeting evolving customer needs in changing market dynamics.

The Data Analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team is an integral part of the WPB business of Hang Seng, critical in driving scaled commercialisation of data and insights relevant to the business and to our customers. We aspire to be the anchor of WPB data insights derived from both big and smart data, machine learning and deep learning models and AI applications, to facilitate deeper and broader customer relationships and supporting the growth of the WPB business. We deliver one-stop solutions and capabilities across data engineering, visualised MI, business analytics, data science, and client messaging and communications across all WPB customer segments, products and channels. 

The team strives to drive the bank to be more data driven by constantly cultivating data awareness and embedding data into business decision making. We offer a trusting, high performing environment, where team members are trusted and empowered to make decisions and deliver, with a strong focus on business and customer outcomes. We foster a culture to speak up, question the status quo, seek continuous improvements and innovations, while learning from setbacks and celebrating success.

Recognised in the industry with the 'Best Mobile Banking Service Award' in The Asian Banker Hong Kong Awards 2022 and the 'Outstanding Digital Banking Service' in the Capital Outstanding eCommerce Awards 2021/22, Hang Seng Bank's acclaimed mobile app and creative digital capabilities continue to innovate and provide trusted banking, investment and wealth management services, taking care of individual's financial needs anytime, anywhere. 

Join our Digital Banking Team and be part of the accelerating WPB transformation within today's digital financial services ecosystem. Together, we champion innovative, seamless, convenient and best-in-class personalised user experience for over half of Hong Kong's adult population. 

Established in 1993, Hang Seng Investment Management Limited ("Hang Seng Investment") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hang Seng Bank Limited, and is Hong Kong No.1 exchange-traded fund ("ETF") manager in terms of assets under management. As a Hong Kong based asset management company specialising in managing funds related to the mainland China and Hong Kong markets, Hang Seng Investment is committed to providing investors with comprehensive investment management services, through investment managers with extensive experience in managing funds (including a series of ETFs and retail funds) and investment portfolios, for institutional and private clients. As a leading home-grown asset manager in Hong Kong, Hang Seng Investment has 30 years of asset management experience. 

Hang Seng Bank is one of Hong Kong's bancassurance pioneers, with our insurance business established in 1965 and today Hang Seng Insurance is one of the key players in the market. Over the years, Hang Seng Bank has been committed to serving customers by providing a full spectrum of insurance products, including life insurance from Hang Seng Insurance, general and medical insurance from our strategic partnerships and MPF. 

Insurance is a fast-growing business and one of the key drivers of Hang Seng Bank. As a well-established insurance entity, we put customers at the heart of our business, taking care of their every need in both financial and health wellbeing, with our Hang Seng Olive wellness app as an always-on health companion. Supported by a dedicated team of industry professionals, we continue to invest in innovations, including advanced digital capabilities and strategic partnerships, with the aim to open up more business opportunities, as well as offering best-in-class insurance solutions to all kinds of customer segments, through our vast and diversified network in retail, private and commercial banking.

Should you join our insurance business, you will focus on maintaining close relationships with our corporate and individual customers, providing them with premium services. You will also be expected to participate in product development, sales distribution channel work, and business innovation to meet the changing needs of our customers in a dynamic market environment. 

Hang Seng's Investments and Wealth Solutions offers a full spectrum of investment products and services to our WPB customers, from high-net-worth individuals to mass segments across channels. We distribute investment funds managed by top tier fund managers, covering different types of funds, across regions and asset classes. A wide range of structured products with underlying linked to equities, FX rates, interest rates, investment funds, etc. are offered for investors to pursue different investment objectives. We also offer fixed income instruments and certificates of deposits to customers looking for regular coupon payment. Furthermore, we provide securities services covering exchange traded equities in local and overseas markets, offered through a wide variety of trading channels. Margin trading services covering FX and securities, and investment financing service provides extra liquidity and purchasing power to cater for the investment needs of sophisticated investors. 

Secured Loans

Hang Seng's Secured Loans business provides customised and smart financial solutions to customers via a wide range of secured loan products, including mortgages, secured overdrafts, premium financing and other wealth financing solutions.

As one of the Hong Kong's leading banks for retail customers, we provide innovative and comprehensive lending solutions fulfilling customer's loan needs with a wide spectrum of acceptable collaterals such as property, deposits, shares, funds/ bonds as well as insurance policies.

Our services are delivered through a comprehensive range of sales channels, including branches, mobile direct sales, online channels and customer hotlines.

Should you join our Secured Loans business, you will work closely with professional, innovative and committed colleagues in developing and enhancing our secured loan products offering to meet changing client needs in a dynamic market environment, delivering premium services to our customers.

There are various opportunities in areas such as product and channel development, business planning and sales management, where you can apply your knowledge and expertise, and help customers achieve their wealth management goals. 


Unsecured Loans

Hang Seng's Unsecured Loans business offers a full spectrum of cards and personal loan products and services to customers. 

We have over 20 card products, including generic credit cards, co-branded credit cards, affinity cards and commercial cards, and we are one of the leading credit card issuers in the market. We are dedicated to offering customers superior credit card services and loyalty schemes, with an aim of enabling customers to get the most out of their day-to-day spending.

Our Unsecured Personal Loan services offer installment loans, revolving loans, and overdraft facilities to meet the financial needs of customers at all levels and offered through tele sales, digital channels and our branches. 

Should you join our Unsecured Loans business, you will have the opportunity to formulate marketing and product development programmes, participate in developing sales and credit strategies, as well as getting exposure to operations and customer services. You will gain the experience and skillsets needed to become an all-rounded professional within consumer credit. 


Deposits, Transactional Banking and FX

Hang Seng's Deposits, Transactional Banking and FX business is vital to maintaining Hang Seng's leading position as a provider of world-class everyday banking solution to our retail customers.

Should you join our Deposits, Transactional Banking and FX business, you will have the opportunity to develop pricing, services, capabilities and promotions for various strategic customer groups across different servicing channels, with a focus on creating values, building excellent customer journeys and experiences, and contributing to a core revenue stream for the bank.

Hang Seng's Private Banking provides services for people who have successfully built their asset base and now want to place their wealth in the hands of experts who know how to nurture it. 

Our banking services and products are bespoke, ranging from tailored investment advice and capital solutions to holistic health and personal protection and trustee services. Our team offers professional wealth management advice at both a local level and on a global scale. 

Should you join our Private Banking business, you will focus on building close relationship with our high-net-worth customers, providing professional advice and premium service to them and contribute to the profitability of the Bank.

Hang Seng's Retail Distribution business focuses on personal wealth management and financial services. Our one-stop wealth management initiatives are designed for both our affluent and mass integrated account customers. With more than 260 branches and automated banking centres, including Prestige Banking Centres for our high-end personal customers, we serve over half of the adult population in Hong Kong offering an extensive range of products to our valued customers. 

WPB Credit and Financial Crime Risk (FCR) Control is a team of experienced banking professionals who strive for the design, implementation and monitoring of robust controls to support WPB in delivering business growth. Key responsibilities cover the following areas:

  • Oversight of credit control services operations to support sustainable lending business growth
  • Develop sales quality assurance framework and programmes to detect and mitigate potential sales conduct issues
  • Implement customer due diligence and financial crime risk management programmes to maintain a robust and efficient control environment
  • Manage customer selection and exit management activities, to ensure we only bank with customers aligned with our business risk appetite

Should you join WPB Credit and FCR Control team, you will work closely with the business, functions and offshore teams, as well as the regional and Group offices. You will be equipped with the skills and mindset needed for process ownership, quality and risk management, as well as dynamic project management skills to foster sustainable business growth of WPB.

WPB Transformation and Management is a team of change agents who strive for designing, developing, and delivering customer-focused products and journeys with sustainable value in a number of areas:

  • Connecting strategy to action, translate business objectives and challenges into concrete and tangible business solutions
  • Driving broad, multi-disciplinary and front to back transformations across lending, wealth, insurance, payment and transaction banking, data, propositions, omni-channel and regulatory initiatives
  • Shaping recommendation through root cause analysis, customer journey mapping, design thinking and pros and cons analysis of how something being built
  • Executing initiatives according to roadmap, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Objective and Key Results (OKR); test and learn and pivot or persevere, in collaboration with product owners and risk stewards
  • Transforming the ways of working and share best practices across all value streams, to optimise outcome, cost and speed of delivery
  • Establishing proper governance, roles and responsibilities, resolve blockers/ risk and issues, track costs and benefits, to enable funding and decision prioritisation

Should you join WPB Transformation and Management, you will work closely with our product and channel owners, and function teams, as well as the regional and Group offices. You will gain exposure to shaping and leading the strategic project for Wealth and Personal Banking.


The COO is responsible for managing non-financial risks in Digital Business Services and throughout the bank in a proactive and effective manner, enabling the bank to thrive. The team plays a key role in monitoring and managing a wide range of risks and controls, driving a strong risk culture and ensuring customer protection as well as providing professional advice and recommendations on risk management to the bank's business partners.

If you join our Chief Control Office, you will assist in formulating proactive risk management strategies, driving continuous improvements, fostering an effective risk and control environment, and structuring comprehensive risk management solutions, to help the business function efficiently and securely. Additionally, you will be able to develop meaningful connections across the Bank, as well as actively learning and developing and gaining valuable experience.

CS manages a property portfolio exceeding 2 million square feet in Hong Kong with workplaces and retail outlets used by thousands of staff, supporting millions of customers. We are committed to providing best-in-class workplace solutions to our employees and a safe environment for our customers at our premises. We also place great importance on ensuring properties are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, obtaining prestigious awards and certifications for our work, such as the HKAEE Gold Award, LEED and WELL.

If you join the Corporate Services team, you will work with highly talented, motivated and experienced colleagues, and you will have the opportunity to excel and develop as well as contribute to our success. Working closely with business partners and external vendors, the CS team manages the bank's operational and investment real estate portfolio's property lifecycle, across a wide range of real estate functions. Additionally, the team ensures sustainability in design and adapts advanced technology across our portfolio, to enhance a safe and secure environment to our employee and customers.

The DAO is a team of professionals who enable our bank to become more data driven. The team focuses on three key areas: Protecting Our Data - To mitigate data risks, we implement data governance, control, and management, including managing data usage, integrity, privacy, and lifecycle.

Connecting Our People with Data – We empower all colleagues across the bank to cultivate a data culture through a comprehensive learning journey.

Creating commercial value from data - We develop data analytics and data science initiatives which result in cost savings, tangible and intangible benefits, as well as risk mitigation across multiple business functions.

If you join DAO, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of data and analytics and be able to lead complex initiatives such as Data Governance, Data Management, Data Analytics, Data Partnerships, or Data Literacy. You will also contribute in creating business value from data to our customers and colleagues by devising sound solutions to business problems from our stakeholders.

The IT Department is committed to technical excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. Through the continuous delivery of the right IT solutions, reliable IT infrastructure services, and technological innovations, the team works seamlessly with business partners to provide the bank's customers with the most efficient and secure banking experience, products and financial services.

Through our IT solutions, we provide a sophisticated range of products and customer-centric services, as well as frictionless banking experiences for our customers anywhere and anytime.

If you join IT, you are provided with the opportunity to work on a wide range of IT projects, utilising the latest technologies and agile delivery models in order to achieve strategic business growth and enhance operational efficiency for businesses such as Wealth and Personal Banking, Wholesale Banking, and Global Markets.

The OPS team is comprised of experienced banking operations professionals dedicated to delivering time-to-market, efficient, and world-class processing services to our customers; corporations and financial institutions, as well as internal stakeholders.

The following functions are included in OPS:

  • Wealth and Personal Banking (WPB) Operations - Serves our WPB customers by delivering end-to-end digital journeys, in line with strategic business objectives. This includes Banking Operations, Cards & Loan operations, Customer Communications, Cash operations, Mortgage Services, Wealth Services and WPB Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Operations. The aim is to ensure a customer-centric banking experience that is as streamlined and straightforward as possible.
  • Wholesale Operations - Provides the customer-centric tools and processes necessary to effectively support requests from our customers in large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises, including wholesale client and account servicing, collateral management, credit services, and wholesale KYC operations.
  • Payment Services - Supports Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Remittance, Autopay, Faster Payment System (FPS), Cheque Operations, Screening Operations, and Transaction Monitoring.

If you join the OPS team, you will contribute to delivering excellent services through collaboration with colleagues, business partners, and Group Services Centers. In addition, you will gain valuable skills in process ownership, quality and risk management, coaching for high performance, adaptive operating models, and cost management.

STS as a key driver of the bank's day-to-day supply chain, delivers commercial value in all aspects of procurement, we understand the bank's operational and procurement needs, and structure comprehensive solutions that ensure efficient and excellent operations.

Our team covers 3 key functions:

  • Sourcing - Manages and oversees the end-to-end sourcing process, including sourcing potential third party options, negotiating contracts, and managing awards. By analyzing the bank's spending patterns and developing a sourcing strategy that leverages purchasing power, the team always identifies cost-effective or saving initiatives.
  • Procurement Operations & Accounts Payable - Support the payments to third-party suppliers and internal expense reimbursement diligently to prevent reputational, regulatory, and financial repercussions.
  • Third Party Risk Management - Manages risks associated with third parties throughout the lifecycle by identifying, assessing, and managing them.

If you join STS, you will contribute in the engagement of various suppliers and demonstrate your abilities. You will have the opportunity to train as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the bank. You will meet and work with our Global Team on sourcing strategies, risk and control monitoring, improvement initiatives, enhancement and project implementation.

Transformation Services is responsible for driving bank-wide strategic and regulatory priorities across lines of business and functions, covering Hong Kong and other subsidiaries through 4 main value streams:

  • Technology Transformation - Accelerates service delivery and improve data quality through data & system modernisation.
  • Operational Transformation - Drives paperless journey on customer communications and improves operational efficiency.
  • Regulatory & Control - Meets group and local regulatory requirements via complex and high impact regulatory initiatives.
  • Growth Accelerator - Supports the bank-wide ESG Program to fulfil the HKMA requirements on Financed Emission disclosure.

If you join Transformation Services, you will acquire the skills to become an all-round programmer, project manager, or business analyst and be able to manage bank-wide complex projects.


Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hang Seng Bank, was established in 1984 and is Hong Kong's leading index compiler, covering the mainland China and Hong Kong markets. We calculate and manage the Hang Seng Family of Indexes. Starting in 1969 with the creation of the Hang Seng Index, now widely recognised as the barometer of the Hong Kong stock market, we have been at the forefront of the market, developing numerous market measures to help investors make their investment decisions.

Currently, the Hang Seng Family of Indexes comprises over 2,000 real-time and daily indexes. Going forward, we will continue to broaden our index series to meet the widening spectrum of investor demand for index investment solutions.

At Hang Seng Indexes, we offer diverse work and learning opportunities covering various business areas, including Client Management, Index, Sustainable & Emerging Business, Market Intelligence, Strategy, Solutions Office, Legal and Risk & Compliance.

If you join Hang Seng Indexes, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our clients to understand their businesses and needs, and offer suitable index solutions. You will also get exposure as a research specialist providing professional index-related solutions and research support to our institutional clients. You may also have the opportunity to assist in the execution of marketing, brand building and public relations strategies both internationally and locally. In addition, you will gain knowledge of stock market operations, risk management, finance and accounting, as well as the administration function of a leading index company.

The Client Management department acts as the owner of client relationships, accountable for all sales and client facing and engagement activities. Below are the types of clients that we mainly focus on:

  • Financial institutions that use our indexes as the underlying of their structured and derivatives products in Over-the-Counter (OTC) or listed market
  • Exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas
  • Structured products issuers or securities houses who want to disseminate our indexes on their websites and trading platforms
  • Financial institutions or trading firms that need our data file for pricing or trading purposes
  • Asset owners such as pension funds, insurance companies, official institutions, foundations and family offices

Our Index department takes care of the entire life cycle of the index development process, starting from the kick-off for a new index idea, the ongoing index management and also act as product specialists to provide or advise users on possible index solutions. The Index department comprises the following teams:

HK Index:

  • Initiate new index ideas, perform back testing, and review designs of existing indexes to ensure their appropriateness
  • Coordinate with different parties when launching new indexes or modifying existing products
  • Support client management colleagues in offering oradvising on index solutions to different types of users

China Index:

  • Similar structure as the HK Index team, with focus on HK-listed mainland companies and China A-shares

Quantitative Research:

  • Responsible for the development of smart beta, strategy indexes and quantitative methodologies for client requests and self-initiated ideas
  • Explore new index initiatives for various asset classes
  • Work with the client management team on the promotion of indexes to clients

Index Review:

  • Take care of the ongoing index management, including constituent review and rebalancing, company industry classification, company free float analysis, handling of suspended constituents and more

The main function of the Legal, Risk and Compliance Department is to drive legal, company secretarial and corporate governance related matters of the bank. Our department comprises the following teams:


  • Provide professional legal support to management and other relevant stakeholders to accomplish corporate goals, strategies and priorities and to provide insights or advice in relation to legal aspect for decision making
  • Identify and interpret regulatory developments and changes in Group standards that may potentially affect HSIL and to advise on impacts of such developments or changes

Risk and Compliance:

  • Fulfil internal Group Compliance policy requirements and to ensure that HSIL meet external regulatory requirements and expectations
  • Be accountable for driving compliance related matters and to provide expert compliance advice including advice in Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions, Anti-Bribery Corruption, Regulatory Compliance as well as supporting business initiatives

Company Secretarial:

  • Handle the full spectrum of company secretarial duties.
  • Support company secretarial, governance matters and business initiatives and to assist in formulating and implementing plans for company secretarial work in business and governance projects

Our Market Intelligence department is divided into 2 functions, each playing a vital role in promoting the HSIL brand and ensuring its continued success.

Index Strategic Research:

  • Our Index Strategic Research team is at the forefront of producing thought leadership and research publications. The team contributes innovative ideas and insights on a wide range of index-related topics, providing valuable analysis to inform investment decision-making. With a focus on delivering timely and relevant information, this team also excels in providing ad-hoc analysis to address immediate market needs


  • The Marketing & Communications team drives impactful marketing initiatives to strengthen the HSIL brand and showcase its capability and services. Through innovative strategies, the team leverages social media platforms and events and executes marketing-related activities to connect with our target audience. The team is also responsible for public relations initiatives, working to enhance HSIL's corporate image and reputation

As a whole, our Market Intelligence Office takes pride in its commitment to promoting HSIL as a leading index company. We understand the importance of research, thought leadership, brand building, and effective communication in today's competitive landscape. Through our combined efforts, we continuously strive to position HSIL as a trusted brand, driving growth and success in the financial markets of Hong Kong and mainland China.

The main responsibility of the Solutions Office is to enable the execution of HSIL’s business strategy by providing effective operations. Our Solutions Office comprises the following teams:


  • Achieving HSIL’s business and strategical goals. Providing, driving and implementing effective and efficient processes and solutions, while observing various governance framework

Information Technology:

  • Provide technology design, implementation and solution for HSIL strategic plan and initiatives
  • Manage end-to-end technology services, including critical index systems


  • Ensure effective Data Management and define Data Strategy and Roadmap to support business demands
  • Maintain the highest standards of Data Governance and Quality Controls, to empower businesses with trusted data


  • Provide accurate and efficient operational support to assist HSIL in meeting business objectives
  • Manage all day-to-day operations including index operations, finance operations, third party management, client services and business administration

Business Risk and Control:

  • Support management to clearly, consistently and comprehensively articulate the non-financial risk profile of the business
  • Drive effective governance and management of non-financial risks in HSIL

The main responsibility of the Strategy department is to drive the strategic vision of the organisation. Our main missions include formulating HSIL strategy and execution plans for various strategic initiatives, and monitoring business progress to ensure revenue and business achievements are aligned to long term strategy planning. Our department consists of three key functions, working hand in hand to achieve the overall strategic plan and goals.

Strategic Planning and Partnership:

  • Drive the formulation of 5-year strategy plan and its implementation
  • Identify external partnerships, acquisition targets or market expansion opportunities to facilitate strategy implementation
  • Identify key development trends related to markets and competitors

Financial Performance and Analysis:

  • Business and Revenue Management - formulate revenue forecasts, monitor, and steer revenue progression and business performance, to deliver the outcome defined in 5-year strategy plan
  • New Products Monitoring and Review - establish and review framework, content of product and index creations, revisions and terminations from the Product Oversight Committee


  • Formulate and drive digital strategy aligned with the overall strategic plan, identify digital initiatives to integrate into the digital transformation roadmap
  • Provide expertise on digital technology and best practices to other departments
  • Promote digital innovation, identify external digital collaboration opportunities and adaption across the organisation

Our Sustainable and Emerging Business (SEB) department is responsible for driving the success of new products related to sustainability solutions, data product services, and data & analytics platform and their associates, from capturing market demand to ongoing product maintenance to ensure alignment with Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited (HSIL) strategic planning. The SEB team is divided into two functions, each playing a vital role in driving HSIL's ESG and emerging business and ensuring its continued success.

Sustainability Solutions (SS):

  • The Sustainability Solutions team is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions, including indexes and data products, and driving business growth in this area. It oversees the end-to-end sustainability solutions product launch process, from ideation to post-launch monitoring
  • The SS team is also responsible for conducting in-depth market research on sustainability-related areas, analysing the current landscape, and identifying regulatory developments, market trends, and demand
  • In addition, the team plays a key role in creating ESG-related thought leadership content, such as blogs, media interviews, and research papers. Our goal is to support the bank's strategic plans for sustainability and other emerging businesses. We are committed to advancing the cause of sustainability and building a more sustainable future for all

Data and Analytics (DnA):

  • The Data and Analytics team is responsible for the product and business development for HSIL’s Data and Analytics business. The team is responsible for business growth, product service enhancements, market trend overviews, new product idea exploration and launches, commercial determination for data product services and data dissemination related businesses
  • The DnA team also plays a key role in overseeing the launch process and development of the new end-to-end Data & Analytics Platform, including identifying market trends and demand, designing product features and specifications, as well as proposing and executing business plans to make sure the platform is aligned with HSIL's future strategic growth plan


Our Audit function provides independent, objective assurance to management and the Audit Committee over the risk management, governance and controls framework, including financial controls to add value and improve operations through process and control enhancement recommendations.

Our Audit function accomplishes its objectives by using a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve risk management effectiveness, control, and governance processes, thereby helping the bank to achieve its objectives within its stated risk appetite and in accordance with the bank’s ethics, values and standards.

The Audit function recruits highly competent and confident individuals to work with us in accomplishing our objectives. A position within the Audit function provides individuals with valuable exposure to the bank's operations across all business lines, including Wealth and Personal Banking, Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets.

The Audit function performs audits on businesses and functions to understand practices, systems, key risks, and processes associated with their businesses and operations. This provides the internal audit teams with a unique opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the risk management, governance and controls framework of the bank.

Our Corporate Communications & Community Investments function is a strategic arm of the bank, dedicated to strengthening the bank’s image and influence by building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders. Our role extends beyond communications to include meaningful contributions to our community, reflecting our dedication to social responsibility. As brand guardians, we monitor and shape public opinions of Hang Seng. Our team ensures that key bank messages are conveyed accurately and promptly, and we safeguard our strong brand as the leading domestic bank of Hong Kong. We provide strategic counsel on reputational matters, helping stakeholders to navigate the world of financial communications.

In parallel to our communications role, we are responsible for driving and implementing the Bank’s community investment strategy. Our team coordinates staff volunteer activities and builds partnerships with community organisations to develop and execute programmes that enhance social and environmental well-being.

Employee communication is another key aspect of our function, focusing on enhancing staff engagement through effective and engaging information sharing. Our strategic vision, aimed at empowering every employee to become an ambassador for the bank, highlights the important role of internal communications.

If you join our Corporate Communications & Community Investments function, you will become part of a dynamic, professional team. Our work directly influences the bank’s reputation, contribute to long-term business success, and fosters a positive impact on our community.

Our Corporate Governance & Secretariat function comprises qualified lawyers, chartered company secretaries and executives of high caliber. We work as a team, with the mission to provide comprehensive and professional company secretarial services and advice to the Board and Board Committees as well as the Senior Management of Hang Seng Group, with reference to best-in-class corporate governance practices, to support the bank in achieving long-term and sustainable success.

If you join the Corporate Governance & Secretariat function, you will have the opportunity to leverage your professional company secretarial knowledge, while gaining valuable exposure to and insights into strategic, business and operational aspects of the bank. With Hang Seng Bank being part of the HSBC Group, you will also benefit from the sharing of experience and best practices of the HSBC Group, which has set a high standard of corporate governance through the adoption of international best practices.

Sustainability is a key pillar of our strategy and brand value. We are committed to building a future proofed business, helping our customers and the industry transition to a net zero economy. We want to be a well-managed organisation that people are proud to work for, that has the trust of our clients and the communities we serve, and that drives the evolution of ESG in the local financial industry. To achieve this, we are stepping up the consideration and inclusion of ESG issues with respect to our products, services, operations and disclosures. We continue to broaden the variety of our products and services, as well as increasing our contribution to tackling issues that require a global response.

The Corporate Sustainability function leads the development and execution of the bank’s sustainability strategy, drives ESG capacity building and engagement, and works together with businesses and functions to attain our ambitions to achieve net zero operations and supply chain by 2030, we support our clients and work to align financed emission of our portfolio to net zero by 2050.

If you join our Corporate Sustainability function, you will become a member of a dynamic and professional team where everyone has a great passion for the big picture. You will have the opportunity to develop your technical skills as well as to contribute to business activation as well as client engagement along our net zero journey.

Our Finance team plays an important role in ensuring that the bank manages costs and deploys capital in the most effective way. We provide high value insights to support our businesses in achieving their goals and making sound business decisions. We aim to streamline and drive operating efficiencies while achieving regulatory excellence.

Our support areas range from bank financial statements, external disclosures and regulatory returns, ESG reporting, financial insight and analysis to businesses performance, business planning and forecasting, stress testing, capital and liquidity management, accounting policies and advisory, investor relations, tax and transformation as well as digitally enabled enhancement.

We are committed to investing in and empowering our people through opportunities to learn, connect and build new future skills and capabilities throughout their careers, in order to develop a best-in-class finance function.

Human Resources leads the development and execution of the bank’s people strategies in line with business objectives. As a trusted business partner, we focus on what our people need to build a thriving and sustainable future for the bank. We enable our people to have a rewarding career with the bank through acquiring future-skills and experiences for both professional and personal growth; as well as opportunities to contribute to the community. We foster a diverse and inclusive work culture in which our people can realise their full potential.

You will be joining one of our Centre of Excellence teams or the HR Consultancy team to support business stakeholders and our people through the end-to-end employee journey, playing a key part in talent acquisition, HR advisory and employee relations, learning and development, talent management, HR operations and people-related projects.

Our legal function comprises legal counsels and executives of high caliber with their respective expertise. We work as a team, with the mission to provide legal services of the highest professional standards to:

  • facilitate the business by giving proactive, practical and comprehensive legal advice
  • manage legal risk
  • protect the integrity and reputation of the bank

We function as trusted legal advisers to our management and the business and other support functions that we serve. If you join the Legal function, you will be part of a global team, providing you with know-how and support, and you will gain exposure to a variety of financial services and products.

Our Marketing function is responsible for formulating marketing strategies and implementing marketing initiatives to build the Hang Seng Bank brand, acquire new customers, strengthen customer loyalty to build long-term relationships, and provide professional marketing support to different businesses in promoting the comprehensive suite of products and services offered by the bank.

In the face of intensifying competition in the financial services market today, developing effective marketing programs requires an in-depth understanding of customer needs and the ability to leverage the competitive advantages of our products and services in creating an appealing proposition how to meet those needs. It also requires strong marketing expertise to generate compelling insights based on findings from market research, customer analysis and competition assessments.

If you join our Marketing function, you will become a member of a professional and customer-centric marketing organisation where everyone has great passion for winning customers’ heart by meeting their needs in a better way than the competition. You will have the opportunity to develop your marketing, planning and implementation skills as well as exercise your creativity in creating marketing innovations that delight our target customers.

Our Risk and Compliance function focuses on delivering effective risk management with strong subject matter expertise to facilitate safe and sustainable business growth. Our team actively manages a dynamic range of risk types. We collaborate closely with businesses, functional units, and regulatory bodies, to embed an effective and comprehensive risk management framework, helping us remain a trusted partner to our customers, our investors, our regulators, and the community that we serve.

Strategic Planning and Corporate Development functions as the central strategy development group of the bank and addresses topics at the top of Senior Management agendas. The team drives bank wide strategic initiatives across all businesses and functions, covering the following:

  • Corporate strategy: Formulate the bank’s medium-term strategies, support execution, coordination, tracking and evaluation according to the bank’s strategic planning framework; lead articulation and mobilisation to achieve strategic priorities; lead strategic cross-businesses studies, functions and/or geographies, derive actionable insights and make recommendations to the bank’s senior management
  • Corporate development: Lead corporate development projects including acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures and strategic alliances; lead governance and management of the bank’s corporate investments and alliances and exploit synergies aligned with strategic priorities; strengthen the bank’s market reputation through thought leadership and advocacy on key strategic topics
  • Chief of Staff: Support key activities of the executive office, including but not limited to governance papers and presentation materials for external and internal meetings, relationship management with key internal, external and industry stakeholders, and monitoring of business results; lead and mobilise CEO-sponsored stakeholder events; advocate for and moderate cross-business collaborations

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