Exclusive Privileges in Recognition of Your Superior Status

In every facet of life, including banking , lifestyle pursuits and beyond, enjoy an array of fabulous rewards and benefits especially selected for you.

Banking Product Privileges

Investment Fund1

  • Fund Subscription Fee Offer:
    - Bond Funds: net 1.5%
    - Other Funds: net 2%

Foreign Currency Exchange Service

  • Preferential foreign exchange rates


  • 40% discount on securities custody fee
  • 50% discount on deposit charge for buy orders of local securities
  • 1,000 free real-time quotes of HK stocks and A shares per month respectively

Life Insurance2

Insurance Plan Offer
“eCancerPro Insurance Plan” or “eFamilyPro Life Insurance Plan” Successfully apply for the dedicated life insurance plan with promotion code during promotional period to enjoy a 6-month premium waiver
  • Please call our hotline at 2 9 9 8 8 0 3 8 for the plan details and obtaining dedicated promotion code
  • This plan is underwritten by Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited
Other Designed Life Insurance Products Successfully apply designed life insurance product to enjoy first-year premium discount
  • Please visit hangseng.com/lifeinsurance for details

Time Deposit3

  • Designated annual interest rates on New Fund Time Deposit based on deposit amount and tenor

Secured Overdraft Facility4

  • Enjoy interest rate of P-1.5% p.a. in the first year for Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility

Unsecured Overdraft Facility

  • Perpetual annual fee waiver
  • Preferential interest rate

Personal Instalment Loan

  • Preferential interest rate

  • Handling fee waiver

Mortgage Service

  • Enjoy Prepayment Handling Fee waiver for the first partial repayment after the designated prepayment period


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Upon joining Prestige Banking, you will receive a wealth of welcome privileges and enjoy designated grace period for fund-in without below balance monthly fee1.

Welcome to make the prestigious advantages yours!


*Customer must not hold any accounts or products with Hang Seng Bank and must be a permanent resident aged over 18 and under 65 residing and locating in Hong Kong.
^It is only applicable to customers who access it from within Hong Kong. If you have needs in managing wealth across the border,  please make an appointment with us.

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