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Extra up to $1,400 Cash Dollars / 280,000 yuu Points

Important Notes On Telemarketing Activities:

Hang Seng Bank only appoints authorized telemarketing representatives to promote credit card and personal loan products and services. Our telemarketing representative will always address customer by his/ her name. If you are suspicious about any telemarketing calls from Hang Seng Bank, please do not disclose your personal information and contact us at 2398 0000 (Credit Card) and 2997 3882 (Personal Loans).

Notice of changes relating to the UnionPay ATM networks in the United Kingdom (UK):

We have been informed by UnionPay that one of its current ATM network partners in the UK, 'LINK', will cease to support UnionPay ATM cards and credit cards with effect from 1 April 2016.

Your UnionPay ATM card(s) and credit card(s) can still be used on the HSBC ATM network in the UK. For details, please visit HSBC’s UK home page (www.hsbc.co.uk) and/or the UnionPay website (www.unionpayintl.com).


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