Foreign Currency Exchange Service

Foreign currency T/T Exchange Rates *

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Preferential Interest Rates and Exchange Rates are available for different accounts, currencies, transaction amounts and tenors!
  • Savings at Regular Schedule
    You can first select your targeted foreign currency, and then pre-set the transaction amount and frequency (e.g., once per month, once per week). It helps you to purchase your targeted foreign currency with fixed amount Hong Kong dollars on a fixed schedule.
    By method of the ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’, under which you can purchase relatively more foreign currency when the exchange rate goes down and relatively less when the exchange rate goes up. This method helps average out short-term fluctuations in exchange rates – providing greater financial peace of mind and enabling you to save foreign currency in a hassle-free manner.
    You don’t have to pay any handling fees for setting up foreign currency transaction order.
    Transaction order exchange amount can be as little as HKD1,000.
    You can sell the purchased foreign currency or cease the pre-set transaction order anytime.
    Customer-friendly online platform. Experience Now.
    Pre-set Exchange Rate
    You can pre-set a desired exchange rate, and your foreign currency transaction order will be automatically executed when your pre-set exchange rate and/or other pre-set amount and frequency criteria are met.
    One-time order set-up for greater convenience in managing your foreign currency exchange transactions.