Your Priority:

An efficient solution for making payments in Hong Kong Dollars or Renminbi.


Autopay Services:

Hang Seng Autopay Service helps you manage your payroll, tax returns as well as collection and payment transactions in an efficient and effective manner.

How can we make a difference for you with Autopay Services?

Easy to operate

Set up your Autopay instructions by completing the application form and providing your payment details via online channels.

Ultimate Convenient and cost saving

Make multiple payments to your vendors and staff with timely processing via the local interbank clearing system.

Minimise cash handling risks

Directly credit funds into your payees’ accounts on pre-set dates chosen by you.

Additional benefits for payments in Hong Kong Dollars:

Simplified administration and lower cost

Payment advices issued on your behalf to your vendors by post or fax

Comprehensive reporting

Generate accurate and comprehensive reports & trace your transactions easily with system-generated credit advice reports, audit trail reports, payroll advice and HK Inland Revenue Department tax reports.

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