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Life Insurance Plan Offers

Customers will be entitled premium discount for the first year upon successful application for any designated life insurance plan with the designated amount during the promotion period!

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Your Goal:

Retaining talented employees and keeping staff turnover to a minimum.

Why Life Insurance?

Offer unique benefits to selected key executives, in addition to existing remuneration.

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Contact your Relationship Manager


  • Provide financial protection for surviving family members in the event of an executive’s death and uphold their standard of living

  • Enjoy potential for cash value accumulation from life insurance policies with saving elements

  • Cash value of the policy can be accessed for retirement or other financial needs




For more information about the above solutions and services, please contact Hang Seng Bank's Relationship Managers.

The above information is for general reference only and is not intended to constitute advice or a recommendation to buy any of the products /services mentioned above by any prospective customer. For details in relation to the terms and conditions, fees, exclusions and/or disclaimers of the above services or insurance plans, please refer to the sales leaflets, product brochures and policy terms of the relevant services or insurance plans.