Export Trade Services

Offer a full suite of trade solutions that mitigate your risks and improve your cash flows

Your Concern as an Exporter (Supplier):

To shorten the payment cycle and expedite payment for shipments.

Documentary Credit (DC) Bills Processing Service:

  • Under an Export DC arrangement, you can ship the goods and ask us to present the trade documents to your importer’s bank.
  • Subject to full compliance of the terms stipulated in the DC, prompt receipt of payments from the issuing bank can be ensured.

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Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000

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How could we make a difference for you with DC Bills Processing?

Free Professional Consultation Service

Our professional trade consultants are always ready to give you advice on trade documents to minimize discrepancies.



Extensive drop off location

You can drop off your applications via our Trade Documents Collection Points located at numerous major commercial areas.

With our DC Bills processing service, you have the options to enjoy:

Document Checking Service

According to your instruction, we will check that the documents are prepared in accordance with the terms and conditions of the DC. This can shorten the time required for payment by the DC issuing bank. 

Export Financing Available

We can negotiate or discount your sight and tenor DC bills so you can enjoy immediate access to cash to meet your business needs. 

DC Custody Service

We can keep the original Export DC in our custody free of charge. Furthermore, if you join our Advice-at-Once service , we can also e-mail the DC issued via SWIFT to you, preventing misplacement of original Export DC or delay in processing.  




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