Export Trade Services

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Your Concern as an Exporter (Supplier):

Mitigating the risk of non-payment by importers.

Export Collection Bills Service:

  • Under an Export Collection Bill arrangement, you will ship the goods and request us to send the trade documents and collection instructions to your importer’s bank.
  • The importer’s bank will then request payment from your importer.
  • To protect your interests, we will not instruct the importer’s bank to release the trade documents until your importer has made payment or promised to pay at a later date agreed between you and your importer.
  • We can liaise with your importer's bank and arrange for the release of the trade documents at your specific instructions:  
Documents against Payment (D/P):

Documents will only be released if the importer makes payment. 

Documents against Acceptance (D/A):

Documents will only be released if the importer accepts the bills of exchange (draft), thereby agreeing to pay at a specified maturity date.


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Call 2198 8000

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How could we make a difference for you with Export Collection Bills?

Our array of premium services includes:

  • Professional consultancy on handling bill discrepancies
  • Prompt advice by phone on exact amount paid
  • Follow-up action and immediate fax advice on status of bill

Export Financing Available

  • We can purchase your Export Collection Bill on a with-recourse basis as you can enjoy immediate access to cash to meet your business needs.

Doc Track Service

  • You can track your trade documents sent to overseas banks by Hang Seng Trade Services through DHL at our website.





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