Advice-at-Once Service

Advice notification via e-mail at no charges

We offer customers the option to receive the following advice notifications via e-mail at no charge:


  • Import Documentary Credits (DC) and amendments sent by us or Export DC received via SWIFT.
  • For Export DC, the original instrument will be kept by us and the SWIFT content will be sent to you after receipt of the Export DC.
  • Import and export advices including debit & credit advices.

Contact Us

Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000

Key Features

Extra E-mail Addresses

Up to 5 e-mail addresses can be designated as the recipients of import or export advices respectively.

Easy Forwarding

Advices received can be forwarded to other recipients via e-mail at your convenience.

Simple Document Preparation

Simply “copy and paste” the text from the advice (ie. information from the DC) to your invoice, packing list and other shipping documents.

Quick Financial Information Update

Debit, credit & other advices can be speedily received to keep you informed of your latest financial positions. 

Amendment Of Designated E-mail Address(es)

Your designated e-mail address(es) can be amended by submitting an amendment form to us. 

How could we make a difference for you with Advice-at-Once?

Prevention of Delay

As we provide safe custody for your original Export DCs, delay in processing caused by misplacement or delivery of physical documents can be prevented.

Fast and Easy Enrolment

Simply open a trade account with us and keep your original Export DCs in our custody, you will be eligible to subscribe to this service for FREE.  

Secure Delivery

A monitoring system is in place so as to ensure all DCs are successfully sent out via e-mail. We will promptly follow up on non-delivery cases.

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