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Take your business to new heights with the Corporate API


Do business need to invest a lot to develop API? 

Hang Seng’s professional team will work with corporate closely. The IT teams of both side will work together to design a high efficiency cash management solution via API connectivity.   

Will the API Cash Management Solution benefit my business beyond operations?

By making breakthroughs in operation modes, the API Cash Management Solution can help enhance your customers’ experience and satisfaction, potentially generating business growth and new customers for your company. 

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Case Study:


“With the support of the API technology, our customers can trade instantly, and funds transferred will hit their accounts with no more time lag.”

Arthur Chen, Chief Financial Officer

Futu Holdings Limited



Redefining the securities brokerage industry


  What the business needed:

In the past, FUTU customers used the FUTUBULL APP to top up their securities accounts in the traditional way, which took at least two hours to confirm the funds transfer before they could start trading. To deliver on its service pledge to customers, FUTU looked for a solution to simplify the operation flow and shorten the transaction time.

  Hang Seng’s solution:

Hang Seng has incorporated Corporate API to tailor-made a collection and payment solution for FUTUBULL APP users to bind their FUTU account with their personal account in any bank. In this way, FUTU customers can seize investment opportunities in a more timely manner by trading on a 24/7 real time basis, whereas FUTU also finds its operation efficiency improved substantially.



A new era for the logistic industry


  What the business needed:

Since the launch of the electronic Release order (eRO) system, OnePort had been looking for ways to incorporate the e-Payment solution with the eRO system to replace the cumbersome and time-consuming traditional payment system. 

  Hang Seng’s solution:

To cater for the unique features of the import release process, Hang Seng has introduced a host-to-host payment system and API solution for OnePort, allowing logistics companies and cargo owners pay on a real time basis instead of the traditional way of issuing cheques or ATM transfers. Shipping lines can also largely enhance its payment collection efficiency and streamline its cash flow management. Both parties can instantly check the payment and collection status to save a lot of their operating costs.





“Our new payment system has sped up processing from days to minutes!”

Philip Ho, Chief Executive Officer

OnePort Limited