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Take your business to new heights with the Hang Seng API Connect


What is API?

API (the acronym for Application Programming Interface) is a computer programming that allows integration between corporate system and the banking platform to facilitate real time request and response. API is the key for corporates to transform their business models by seamlessly integrating their daily business operations and cash management solutions with our core banking services.  

What functionalities are available? 

Provide the capability for corporates to access real time account balance information for better cash management 

Provides the capability for corporate to access the current day and historical transactions record in a synchronous request in order to improve operation efficiency

Provide the capability for corporate to initiate on-demand single or bulk payments with various payment types and to enquire about the processing status of the payment transaction.

Provide the capability for corporates (payee) to submit real time Simplified Direct Debit Authorization (sDDA) and Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) to their customer (payer) for fund collection under Faster Payment System (FPS) 

Provide the capability for corporate to obtain latest rate quote, confirm deal and perform settlement.

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What are the benefits of APIs? 



Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with business model to enhance your customers’ experience and operation efficiency



Increase Visibility

Increase visibility to stay updated on real time, on-demand account balances and transaction activities




Connecting to banking services with simple and secure solution using industry standard security



Receive Instant Response

Receive instant response when submitting on-demand payment instructions


 Which sectors can benefit from the Cash Management Solution using API?

Generally speaking, the Cash Management Solution using API is particularly suitable for businesses which involve bulk payments, receipts and real-time transfers in their daily operations. The key lies in designing the tailor-made cash management solution to suit the specific needs and business model of your business. The following business profiles would find APIs more useful:

  • The businesses using apps as a Sales or Service Channel as part of their Digital Transformation Journey
  • The businesses which need Real Time Payments or Notifications as part of the sales or customer journeys to their buyers


For example, the two companies in Case Study were both pioneers adopting the solutions in their industries.