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Mobile Cheque Deposit

Hang Seng Bank Launches First in Market Mobile Cheque Deposit Function

Mobile Cheque Deposit function enable you to deposit cheque issued by HSBC and Hang Seng Bank Limited any time, any day in Hong Kong without physically visiting a branch or using Quick Cheque Deposit Machine, the cheque can be easily deposited by capturing image via Hang Seng Business Mobile App at your fingertip.

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Remote Deposit Cheque with image capture

Key Features



Simplify Day-to-Day Business Operation

Make a quick cheque deposit within 5 minutes with your Hang Seng Business Mobile App in hand to avoid personal contact, counter service charges and a long queue, also to keep your operating costs down.

24x7 Instant Deposit Without Any Charge

Deposit Cheque in Hong Kong Dollars, Cashier Order, Customised Cheque and Dividend Cheque from Hang Seng Bank Limited and HSBC 24 hours a day without any charge.



Notification to Cheque Issuer

SMS and e-mail notification will be sent to cheque issuer after depositing the cheque via Mobile Cheque Deposit by depositor. Cheque depositor can check the Account Overview after completing the whole deposit procedure successfully.

Accurate and Secure Cheque Deposit

Full cheque details are captured digitally for complete accuracy and the digitalised cheque deposit enables you to track transaction instantly.

How to deposit a cheque via Mobile Cheque Deposit?


Step 1

Tap "Mobile Cheque Deposit" from the side menu after logging in to the Hang Seng Business Mobile App.


Step 2

Select your deposit account, fill in your deposit amount and a short note in English (if necessary).


Step 3

Capture the images of the front and back of the cheque by following the instruction, then tap "Continue".



Step 4

Confirm all fields from the "Deposit Details" page are filled, then tap "Deposit".


Step 5

Preview the deposit details and the cheque images display carefully, then tap "Confirm".


Step 6

A "Cheque Received" confirmation page will be displayed for successful completion of cheque deposit transaction.