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Hang Seng Commercial Banking WeChat Official Account

Business e-Banking WeChat Service

You can receive Mobile Reminders from us via WeChat installed in your mobile device. As long as your device is connected to the Internet, you will be alerted with your account information anytime, anywhere.

Act Now! To bind your Hang Seng Business e-Banking business profile to your WeChat user account to activate the Notification Service.


Receive Mobile Reminders

Provide an alternative way, in addition to SMS, to receive Mobile Reminders from the Bank via WeChat, allowing less dependency on a mobile phone number or SIM card.

Always on with Internet Access

Works on customer’s mobile devices with WiFi connection and avoid telecom network delay or outages.

Free Service

Free service to both Andriod and iPhone users

Mobile Reminders include

Outward Payment to Non-Designated Beneficiary (Instruction Received and Executed)

Hang Seng Autopay Payment Notification (Instruction Received and Executed)

Designated Beneficiary Setup

Service Notifications/ Reminders
Proxy ID Registration, Fund Transfer and Direct Debit Authorization via Hang Seng Faster Payment Bank Services

How to follow our WeChat Official Account?




Find us by searching HangSengHKCMB 或 恒生香港商業理財 or by scanning our QR code within the WeChat app.

How to get started

Step 1

Tap"銀行服務" then tap "用戶綁定". You will be instructed to log in to your Business e-Banking.


Step 2

Input Username and Password to proceed binding with either one of the authentication methods: ” Mobile Device” or “Security Device” .

Step 3

Select the business profile if you have multiples, tap "Continue".


Step 4

Tap “綁定” to bind your Business e-Banking Profile with your WeChat account.


Step 5

Read, accept and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions for Business e-Banking WeChat Service to complete the binding process.


Step 6

Upon completion of the binding process, you will receive a confirmation message via SMS and WeChat.


You will receive a confirmation message via SMS and WeChat upon completing the account binding process. Afterwards, you will be able to receive the mobile reminders via your designated WeChat.

For your convenience, you can always change your preferred delivery channel (by SMS or WeChat) via your Business e-Banking.